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Poll Shows People Have Less Faith Than Ever in 20-Somethings

It's a little depressing to hear that the majority of Americans have little faith in Gen Y. The only people that seem hopeful about our prospects are, well, the 20-somethings themselves. Just 44 percent of respondents believe that people in their 20s will have a better life than their parents, according to a Gallup survey. Compared with past results, that's the lowest since 1983 and the first time it has reached below 50 percent.

Perhaps it's a combination of rising school loans and recessionary pessimism. Or maybe it's due to the fact that Gen Y-ers are taking even longer to settle down with steady career paths compared to the previous generations. Many SavvySugar readers have chimed in and said jumping from job to job is really a mandatory result of the economy, and not because they are eager to explore job opportunities out there.

Do you think you'll be more successful than your parents?

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HelloAnia HelloAnia 6 years
Not only is it hard for a twenty-something college graduate to get a career going, but the pressure to do so is even more immense. There is a possibility that social security won't be available to my generation, so the pressure to save to ensure a bright future is even greater. Between saving and paying off student loans its difficult to get a good standing. I see many of my peers opting to spend more time in graduate school (and incur more loans in some cases) or move back in with their parents after college graduation to have some money.
DestinyFroste DestinyFroste 6 years
No. It is just to difficult to get on your feet in this economy and even if it turns around soon I will still be spending the next 20 years just recovering. Maybe I will be on my feet by the time I am 50. :(
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