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Get a Whiff of Success: Grandma's Scent Sells

Get a Whiff of Success: Grandma's Scent Sells

Regular (ambitious) gal Jessica Dunne has demonstrated that a little niche goes a long way. The 32-year-old developed her first fragrance, Ellie, using $100,000 in savings and all of her savvy. Without any prior connections to the beauty industry, Jessica realized her dream of creating a perfume based on memories of fragrances worn by her grandmother, Eleanor.

A cold-call to Claudia Lucas, the perfume buyer at Henri Bendel in Manhattan, is what ultimately put Ellie on the market and has allowed Jessica to develop a second fragrance. Lucas was initially pleased with Ellie's bouquet, but she was sold on the story behind the bottle saying, "a brand is always a story well told."

Before she created her $180-per-bottle product, Jessica tested her hand in other areas like working as a sales assistant at Credit Suisse First Boston and managing an art gallery in Manhattan. Seems she's found her niche, and created one too, as a one-woman fragrance house with an appealing personal story.

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Raquelie Raquelie 9 years
I love this woman's story. But I definitely don't want to smell like my Grandma - moth balls muted by Windsong. I found a hilarious new fragrance called NOU. Hilarious, yes. And it smells heavenly - vanilla orchid, pink roses and a crisp citrus. Soft and divine! This perfume tells a "story" like no other I've ever seen. Check out the website and see what NOU stands for. (hint - surfers usually don't wear it).
carhornsinapril carhornsinapril 9 years
what a fantastic story.
ilanac13 ilanac13 9 years
well...i know that there are some scents that people prefer from 'back in the day' but i don't know. personally - my choices lean more towards the modern. i do think that it's great that she was able to save enough to follow her dreams and that she was forward enough to approach a boutique store like bendels - cause we new yorkers know what it's like to shop there and see new unique products that you can't find just anywhere.
psterling psterling 9 years
Is it just me or does smelling like your grandma not sound appealing? I don't get it... Bottle is pretty though.
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