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Getting Motivated After a Long Weekend

I'm Asking: How Do You Get Motivated After a Long Weekend?

Sigh. One of the few long weekends of Summer has come and gone, and it's such a bummer to see it go. Offices tend to be quieter during these warm months as employees take vacations; it's hard not to get antsy when you're one of the workers left at your desk.

The first thing I do after a long weekend is make a list — it puts me on track and helps me focus for the day ahead. How do you get motivated after a long weekend or vacation?

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Allie14839476 Allie14839476 6 years
I try not to get unmotivated. Since getting going is harder than just constantly going. But I guess its easier since I'm in college because theres always homework to do.
skigurl skigurl 6 years
Agree savvy, make a list!! I have been making tons of lists since yesterday. I'm so busy at work and have tons of personal errands to do as well so I'm writing myself little lists of things to do at work and then after work, and planning to do things on lunch hour as well. It all depends on how busy I am. I am feeling unmotivated since I had such a great long weekend and it's soooo unbelievably hot, but since I'm busy at work (ie: deadlines and meetings) it's not as if I can slack, so it's making me motivated! I think it's all about being accountable. Same thing at home - when I know my bf is counting on me, I make sure I do all the errands that need to get done!
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