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Reader Roundup: We Lurve Gift Cards!

Although I talked about the evils of gift cards, turns out, readers think they are heaven-sent! All the commenters were in favor of giving these for Christmas because it seems more thoughtful. Admittedly, a gift of cash might be crass, but remember there are a ton of ways to dress it up and make it look cute! Here's what savvy readers had to say:

  • I love getting gift cards and have never had a problem. Although I can see that some hassle might be involved. The only time I don't like it is if someone happens to get me one to a place I would never shop. —
  • Another one here who loves gift cards! Any cash I get goes to savings or bills. But gift cards are the equivalent of saying, "Here, Jen, treat yourself to something from this store that you normally don't go to because you can't justify spending the money. Have fun!" —
  • I love getting gift cards. They are really good gifts, especially to stores you'd like to shop in, but are without funds for. —

To hear more love for gift cards, read on!

  • I love getting them and love giving them. —
  • In my home state gift cards must be guaranteed for something like 5-10 after purchase and there are other protections as well. However, if you need a replacement card I think some companies may place a fee and we don't have protection for that. Otherwise, I'm in agreement with cards are fun! — Anonymous
  • I love gift cards. I can get what I really want, and I can put the gift cards towards larger purchases to save myself some money off of items I really want. Plus, I can put them towards things I may not have otherwise spent money on for msyelf such as using a spa gift card for a massage. I would be happy to only receive gift cards as long as they are to places I like to shop or receive services. —
  • I like getting gift cards. I'd rather have a gift card then something I don't like or never going to use. —
  • Personally I LOVE gift cards. It gives me the choice to get or do what I choose to get or want. — Anonymous

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