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Goals For a Healthy Office Life in 2010

Reader Resolutions: Your Office Goals For 2010

One of the first things my honey asks me when I get home is "How was your day?" It's such a simple question, but boy, is it a loaded one. Like anyone else, some days I am filled with success stories and smiles, others are just run of the mill, and sometimes — not often, but sometimes — I can't help but share my frustrations. On the regular days I can get bogged down in the little details — I didn't respond to all the emails I wanted to, I drove instead of taking the bus, I forgot my coffee mug. It's a habit I am trying to kill for 2010 because I want to focus on the positive and ways to improve my work experience. I recently asked readers to share your in-office goals for the new year and the results mirrored my own very closely, so I've provided some tips for reaching our goals.

  • 27 percent of SavvySugar readers hope to bring lunch and snacks from home more often. If you hope to do the same, check out some of FitSugar's tips for packing your lunch.
  • 24 percent of SavvySugar readers plan to manage in-office time better. If you're trying to streamline your time, check out my guide to upping productivity in the office.
  • 13 percent of SavvySugar readers aim to arrive earlier or leave earlier daily. Don't be afraid to put family and life first! Check out my guides to a healthy work-life balance for encouragement.
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