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Good Deeds That Went Viral

Good Deeds Heard Round the World

These days, a really good deed rarely goes unnoticed. That's because kind acts or charitable campaigns can easily make the rounds on the Internet and reach thousands of people in just a few hours. Here, we've rounded up some of the most high-profile good deeds that we won't be forgetting anytime soon.

  • The mail opener: For one terminally ill man named Scott, opening mail is one of life's simple and best pleasures. So his nephew decided to post on Reddit and asked users to make Scott's day. Soon hundreds of letters poured in from around the world, including Japan, Australia, and Mexico.
  • The giving cop: Talk about an officer serving the community. On a cold night near Times Square, an officer saw an older man sitting on the street barefoot. He left for a short time and came back with a new pair of boots that he helped the man put on. Someone caught it on camera and just like that, the snap spread around the country.
  • The missing engagement ring: In the latest good deed gone viral, a woman named Sarah accidentally dropped her engagement ring in a homeless man's donation cup. She thought she might never see it again, but the man, Bill Ray Harris, kept it safe until she returned looking for it two days later. To show their appreciation, Sarah and her husband set up an online fund-raiser to pay him back. To this day, they've collected more than $175,000 in donations.

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  • The bullied bus lady: At one point, it seemed as if the entire world had viewed the video of the 68-year-old New York bus monitor being taunted and called names by kids on the bus. People across the country thought Karen Klein deserved a vacation for putting up with it, and someone set up a fund-raising page online. It raised more than $500,000, and Karen said she planned to give part of the money to her grandkids, invest some, and donate the rest to charity.
  • The big tip: One couple found a new way to spread the joy on Christmas: by tipping generously. They left their IHOP server — a single mom — a $100 tip, posted a picture on Facebook, and got lots of love in return. In the face of all the attention, they asked others to do a random act of kindness and pay it forward.
  • The basketball boys: Two high school seniors were playing against one another in the last basketball game of the season when Jonathan from one team passed the ball to Mitchell, a special needs student on the other team. Mitchell scored, the crowd went wild, and a video of the basket went so viral that Los Angeles Clippers star Chris Paul heard about it and treated both boys to an NBA game.
  • The #26Acts: To honor the 26 victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting last year, a movement calling for kindness led by TV host Ann Curry took off. Within hours, people were leaving money on cars, buying others coffee, and documenting it all on Twitter with the hashtag #26acts.
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