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How to Become More Financially Compatible as a Couple

There's nothing romantic about money. It can buy lovey-dovey getaways and tokens of our affection, but money in itself is a topic that brings a business aspect to relationships. This element doesn't have to detract from a relationship based on love, but it often does, and Tara Siegel Bernard of The New York Times argues that "marriage at its core is still a financial union." Because it's an undeniable part of our existence, Tara gathered guidelines for becoming a more financially compatible couple.

  • Talk and share goals. Before walking down the aisle, ask tough questions like who will care for any children and retirement goals.
  • Run a home like a business. Share the responsibilities of budgeting and tracking finances, and make important decisions together.
  • Be supportive of careers. Encouragement and support from the person you're with can help you succeed in your career.

Discover four more pointers when you


  • Enjoy, but within reason. Live a sustainable lifestyle and build up savings in case things don't go as planned.
  • Use a mediator. Seemingly irreconcilable differences on money matters can lead to larger problems. Use a financial planner or therapist to find a compromise.
  • Maintain some independence. Allocate some funds for each person to spend as they please.
  • Invest in your marriage. Create a long-lasting marriage by spending quality time together and going on dates.


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