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In last night's episode of the The Office Michael comes up with the idea to put five discount tickets in paper shipments for lucky customers. In typical Dunder Mifflin fashion, his idea backfires when all of the tickets end up in boxes delivered to one of Jim's customers, causing Jim to lose out on sales and corporate to call Michael in search of the person behind the so-called golden ticket plan. After Michael panics and blames Dwight, the big winner calls thrilled and commits to making Dunder Mifflin its only paper supplier. Naturally, Michael back peddles and fights to prove it was his idea after all. Chances are slim you've ever dressed up as Willy Wonka for work, but have you ever taken a chance on a risky idea that panned out in the end?

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aimeeb aimeeb 8 years
SKi are office did that too but we didn't have some jerk coming up with it, they did it all on their own.
lickety-split lickety-split 8 years
no. the few times i submitted ideas to "higher" management they acted like the suggestion was a joke. of course later when one of my ideas went forward and i asked why i didn't get credit (it was a cash prize) i was told "that was last year. it's all different now",
Spectra Spectra 8 years
I don't work in an office, so there's not a lot of opportunity for Golden Ticket type ideas. I did have a really cool idea back when I worked in sales, though. I worked at a small store that sold fitness equipment and we were located fairly close to a small store that sold running shoes/orthotics. I suggested that maybe we work with them and come up with a coupon idea where people got a coupon for 50% off their shoes if they bought a piece of equipment from us. At first, the shoe store didn't really want to give the coupons because it would mean they'd technically lose some money. It actually worked out really well because a lot of people came back to their store and referred their friends to buy shoes there because they had a lot of experienced running shoe experts that helped fit the shoes properly. It turned out to be a really cool idea and my manager was really excited that I'd thought of it.
chatondeneige chatondeneige 8 years
I don't work in an office setting currently, so this isn't applicable to me - but Savvy, did you mean back pedals, instead of peddles? I don't think he was selling anything! ;)
skigurl skigurl 8 years
at my former office they had a competition to see who could come up with the best idea to save the company money in this recession and some genius from down south won - he won a trip to london for his efforts - he also probably won a giant ass-kicking while he walked to his car - oh and maybe slashed tires ... get this: his idea was to not give anyone in the company raises this year!!!!!! way to win friends and influence people you dumbass - senior management are still getting their thousands in bonuses though...but no raises for the little people! SWEET!
kscincotta kscincotta 8 years
Well, seeings as I'm a grad student in research science, if I had had a golden ticket idea, I would have graduated by now! And also, it was Blue Cross (insurance company) that got the tickets, not The Red Cross. Wrong color!
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