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Help Me Pay For My Wedding Website: Brilliant or Baffling?

A "broke-bride-to-be" has created a blog dedicated to fund-raising for her wedding. Reading through the blog, the site's comments made it clear there's a bit of controversy about what she's trying to do. According to the Help Me Pay For My Wedding! website, the engaged girl is a "career woman" and she "works really hard."

She's received some donations that will be put toward her ideal wedding, though she's not very far in the planning process and some readers have expressed they'd like to know where their money is going before donating (Hint: coming up with a wedding budget should be step one).

What do you think of her idea, is it brilliant or baffling?


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Dennabride Dennabride 3 years
I think it's a great idea! People don't have to pay unless they want to, after all.
Raysha15140989 Raysha15140989 3 years
dude, I am for it! I have a donation page on gogetfunding and me and my guy The Blackout Beast are hopeful that there are some that simply want to contribute to our day just because. It sounds silly but there ARE charitble people in the world and I'm hoping they will help us.
413bride 413bride 4 years
I'm 2 weeks away from my wedding.. Short by $1500. Lord be with me!!! Don't know what to do. In breakdown mode!!
hi now i'm lost.i have to give up my job also. but i want to  marry and get wedding but haven't money .my wedding is my dream ,if you can help me please send the massages .god bless
Pgirl26 Pgirl26 6 years
I probably would of said how tacky months ago, but now I don't blame her. I know first hand how expensive, and difficult it is to pay for a wedding. I lost my job, and now me and my husband are having a hard time paying for our wedding. We've been married for 7 years, and decided it was finally time to have the wedding I've always wanted. We should of waited, but since he was now making decent money in the military we thought we could do it. Since I lost my job we are now trying to pay for everything with his income, and it is not enough. I had no idea how expensive it is. I don't think it's not right to judge her because we don't know what situation she is in... In my opinion she is smart! lol
marty0764 marty0764 7 years
I hope it works for her I am in the same way. My ex-husband help ruin my credit not talk about the school loans I own. I am planning on getting married June 4 and all I here why plan anything if you don't have the money. My dj is going be 500 dollars the dress i love is now mark down to 950 and I have to have money to put my boys in a tuxs. and then all the drecation of little flowers I am have 3 flower girl that I would like to make head bands for. and then my sister is make the cake but i don't know how much it will cost. The reason that I want some what of a big wedding is because I never had it and this is the man I love with all my heart. You can say where you been married once before it was with the justed of the peace. and I remember get someone to chase him out of the bathroom. I left because he would not support me and our boys. I am on disability and now looking for a part time job so I might be able to save And I plan on putting 200 dollar back a month until June to pay for it. I pay all the bills here and my soon to be husband is looking for a job but haven no luck. I starting to think that it not to be. our colors are ivory and wisteria colors. and we also have to plan a honeymoon (Smokey Mountain) which i would like to go some where because the only place i have been is Kentucky and Indiana. can anyone help me? my email is oh yea i register with walmart and jcpenny under Martha Abston
cmefive cmefive 7 years
Idk what to do less than a week away from my wedding I've come up extremely short. M fiance and I have been together 11 yrs, we have 5 wonderful children (4 girls and 1 boy)!!! We decided to finally get married at the end of last year and everything was going fine, until 7 months ago his job laid him off sown sized. We were still fine until they just cut him off his unemployment last week because they do not have the funds to pay ne one. I work 16 hour days and go to school, with less than a week a way I'm still not cutting it. I never ask for anything and we always do for anyone in need, this time its us! I'm over worked under payed and every day I pray that we find a way!! I don't know what to do any more but cry, my tears are endless, my wedding isn't really big drawn out but idk if it will happen. I never had a prom and I've always dedicated my life to my family, I've ever thought of selling my engagement ring. Please I'm begging anyone t help me, it feels like I'm dying inside, crying all over
reesiecup reesiecup 8 years
very interesting idea. i had heard about one site a man helped women raise funds for plastic surgery. like many of the comments, i applaud her for devising a way to collect free money. i personally would like to try to decide on a reasonable budget and start saving and planning (at least a little). what's waiting another year if you're planning on spending the rest of your life with someone? but yes, to each her own :)
photodee photodee 8 years
to each their own, right? i certainly wouldn't go that route - we are pulling together a wedding for around $10K, including our honeymoon - and we are pretty proud of ourselves :)
PensaGrey PensaGrey 8 years
ah crap... the dreaded edit post... I meant *Now... *sigh*
PensaGrey PensaGrey 8 years
Oh and begging for wedding money is worst than begging for crack at a soup kitchen. *by the way*
PensaGrey PensaGrey 8 years
Not that's a gorgeous ring. :)
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