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As consumers, frustration is inevitable — it's common to experience bumps along the way. Some of the many hurdles we have to deal with include marketing ploys we fall prey to, rude customer service, instances of fraud, and the list goes on. Each year generally sees a different laundry list of complaints, and here are some of the top new pet peeves of customers in 2010, courtesy of the Consumer Federation of America:

  • Daily deals. There are a growing number of people who are upset about the misleading expiration date and limitations on the coupons.
  • Identity theft. Customers are increasingly worried about privacy issues and their data being hacked, given all the high profile news of data breaches in Sony and Citigroup.
  • Wireless TV services. Apparently, Wireless TV companies are lacking in customer service department. Apple TV and Google TV are relatively new products so they are still fine-tuning their dealings with dissatisfied consumers.
  • Medical bills. Consumers are saying that medical bills are more confusing than ever because healthcare providers and insurance companies are in conflict about which claims need to be covered. Further, some providers aren't properly submitting the claims.
  • Timeshare recovery. Companies that assure customers they are going to recover money for people who lost some bucks to timeshare resale firms are apparently charging "hefty" fees to their clients.
  • "Grandparent scams". People are falling for spam emails from fake friends and family who ask for financial help.
  • Companies that buy your car. There are more and more complaints on car-buying companies that write bounced checks to customers and don't pay off liens on the cars.
  • Fraudulent tax companies. A number of firms offering tax help to customers at a low price or for free are apparently scamming people out of their money and are charging heavy fees when customers can actually get the help for free if they look in the right places.

Now that you know about these eight new troubles customers are dealing with, make sure you don't fall for them. Always do your research when money is involved, and enlist the help of consumer agencies to aid you in your fight.

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