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Savvy Community: Buy What You Want the First Time

When I asked for smart budget tips and tricks Savvy reader LilaD shared a goodie.

Buy what you want the first time! (If you can afford it). Example: You want Jeans A, but they're a little pricey so you think you're being frugal by buying Jeans B, which are cheaper and not so great. However, Jeans B just aren't working! They look and feel terrible. But now you've worn them and can't take them back (or at least shouldn't...) And so what do you do? You go buy Jeans A. You've paid for two pairs of jeans and will only get use out of one! Wasted money.

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GirlOverboard GirlOverboard 6 years
runningesq, a friend of mine and I had a conversation about exactly that recently. She said that people seem to act all taken aback when she tells them how much she spent on her custom-made bike... but that she's known a lot of people that end up spending way more over time on upgrading a cheaper bike. It makes more sense to me to put money away each paycheck and just pay for it all up front! The only reason I'm not doing this is because my sad bike was free, so I'm upgrading all of the things that I can transfer to a better frame later. :)
runningesq runningesq 6 years
Good point. This happened with my bike.. I bought a used road bike from a friend when I really wanted a tri(athlon) bike. I spent a lot of money getting the road bike fitted, adding aero bars, etc... and it never fit right. Ended up buying the tri bike anyhow !
TidalWave TidalWave 6 years
I totally agree and read something similar here: If you buy the cheaper item that you do not looooove, you will feel less confident in it, be physically uncomfortable and probably wear it a lot less (i.e. not getting your money's worth) than if you had sprung for the item you looooved!
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