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How to Avoid Debit Card Fees

What Will You Do to Deal With the Debit Card Fees?

The public is upset with the news of more banks charging monthly debit card usage fees, and many are threatening to leave their current banks. It is somewhat of an inconvenience to move around your money, especially if you're a longtime customer of the bank, so there are a couple other options to consider. You can start using your credit card in lieu of your debit card (which can be quite dangerous for people who don't have self control or who aren't monitoring their finances), or you can opt to use cash and checks instead. I'm interested to see what method you will choose if your bank decides to charge you a monthly fee for using your debit card. What will you do to deal with the debit card fees?

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kmuse kmuse 5 years
it's all about the credit union!
amber512 amber512 5 years
Score another one for awesome credit unions!
katie225 katie225 5 years
like the user above, i go to a credit union. they are a great way to not only save money for yourself, but also help out your community economy. keeping your money close to home in smaller banks is just as safe and convenient as using a big bank, but they're so much nicer AND you know you're helping people in your own community get loans for cars or homes.
Sweet-Melissa-111 Sweet-Melissa-111 5 years
I keep my money in a credit union, not a bank. I'm not charged any type of checking or debit fees. If I were banking with B of A or one of the other large banks now charging for debit transactions, I would switch banks. It's absurd to be made to pay to spend your own money.
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