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How to Clean Your Vacuum

Clean the Vacuum — the Ultimate Household Cleaning Tool

Your vacuum cleaner does a big job in your home, so keeping it happy is really important. And it only takes a few minutes to give it a once-over. Along with getting rid of all the gunk that's attached itself to your machine, cleaning your vacuum cleaner ensures it does the best job it can. Follow these steps every six months, and your vacuum cleaner will thank you.

Unplug and Check

Before doing any maintenance on your vacuum cleaner, unplug it and check your vacuum bag. If the bag is full, remove it and replace it with a fresh bag. Even if the bag isn't full, it's a good idea to remove it while cleaning your vacuum in case the bag is damaged or comes off while manhandling the machine.

Clean the Brush

Most vacuum cleaners have a little latch located at the bottom of the vacuum that releases the cover of the brush that cleans your rugs, or it can be unscrewed easily. Unlatch and remove the brush, removing any debris that are attached. Use scissors to cut away hair or fabric that's caught in the bristles of the brush. While working, check the belts for any damage and clean around the ends of the brush too.


Check the Filters

If your vacuum has filters, remove the covers and filters. Clean behind the filters and also shake them out. If your filter is made of foam, gently wash and dry it before replacing it. If a filter is worn or damaged, it's time to replace it.

Clean the Hose

Remove the hose attachment, and push a broom handle through the opening, pushing any debris out. Avoid using a wire hanger, as it may puncture the hose. Clean the area around the vacuum hose, and then wipe the entire vacuum cleaner, making it shine. Replace the vacuum bag, and your machine is ready to use.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Sarah Lipoff
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