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How to Cure Your Laziness

Ramit Gives Tips on How to Get Rid of Your Laziness

Sometimes, we keep make plans that we don't keep. We mean to travel more, or start a moneymaking side hobby but it somehow never comes to fruition. Perhaps it's laziness or maybe we're just used to our daily routine. To get out of the slump, you need to understand what drives that behavior, and Ramit Sethi of the IWillTeachYoutoBeRich blog, says it's not about finding motivation. Here are some of his thoughts on beating laziness:

  • Whenever you say “should” — “Yeah, I really should do X” or “They should just do Y” — you have already lost.
  • Guilt is not a productive emotion.
  • Quick wins produce massive momentum for behavioral change. (Hint: This is why financial books that begin with “create a budget” are almost never effective. This is a massively important and frequently missed point.)
  • Automation is more powerful than almost anyone can imagine.
  • Simply “trying harder” will almost never work, yet most Americans follow this policy repeatedly for their entire lives.
  • Tactics are not enough. Most of us have crippling barriers and invisible scripts that “screen” out even the most sophisticated tactics. (For example, I could give you the best tips on earning more ever created, but if you don’t believe you deserve money, nothing matters — you will not even process the tips.)

What are some of the things that you keep putting off even though you keep saying you're going to do it?

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