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This anonymous poster in our Savvy Confessions group feels weird about the new girl in the office. Leave your advice in the comments!

I don't think the new girl at the office likes me. It's really weird. I try to go out of my way to be nice to her, but she  just ignores me. I send her emails regarding projects and she just doesn't respond. I'm trying to be understanding and I'm wondering if she has personal problems going on at home that's affecting her work. It's just very weird, and I don't understand what's going on. She seems to treat other people a lot nicer than she treats me so I really don't know what's going on. I'm even wondering if this has to do with my race. Do you think I should sit down with her and have a serious conversation?

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katialoves katialoves 5 years
i would inquire promptly and firmly about any failure to get back to an email. dont worry about her not liking you though, you have a life, right? a coworker's not worth your stress.
sparkles61785 sparkles61785 5 years
This is a tough situation that I happen to be going through at the moment. Except, it's in reverse. I just started a new position and there is a colleague that I am sure dislikes me. The funny thing is that we've never even conversed, yet it seems as if she's judged me. I have said "hello" and "good morning" to her on more than one occasion, only to be ignored. Initially, I thought it was because of my race. However, I noticed that she is close friends with a colleague of my race. My theory is this: if I've said "hello" the first time and was ignored, perhaps you didn't hear me. If it happens a second time, then that's it. I will refuse to acknowledge you or attempt to befriend you after that point. That is exactly what I've done in this situation. I completely ignore her. We don't have to work together for our agency to function. Our positions are separate. We walk right past one another every day. If we're in the filing room together, we don't utter a word to one another. I have to admit that it's very awkward. I'm the kind of person that enjoys conversing with everyone. But I will not put myself in a vulnerable position, only to be rejected repeatedly. It's just not worth it. One person is not worth it. I love the agency and I love my other colleagues. I will not let one person taint my experience. OP: Is pursuing a working relationship with this individual necessary? Do you have to work closely with one another in order for your agency/company to function? If the answer is no, then move on. Don't let one person ruin your experience with the company. There will always be one person that dislikes you. You will never encounter a perfect work environment. Dust your shoulders off and keep walking. If you and your colleague do need to work together for your agency to function, then approach her about specific attempts to outreach her. If you sent her an email and she ignored it, walk right up to her and say, "I was wondering what you thought about the email I sent earlier." If approaching her in this manner does not work, then it may be time to get supervisors involved.
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