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How Do You Feel About Pre-Nuptial Agreements?

Your Two Cents: How Do You Feel About Prenups?

Prenuptial agreements among Hollywood's couples awaiting the walk down the aisle generally don't cause much of a stir, but when it comes to engaged couples who aren't among the rich and famous prenups seem to have a thicker haze surrounding them. Those asked to sign tend to think their loved ones are asking them to put a value on themselves, and what's more, they're calling the future of the marriage into question. Some are more sensitive than others though, as there are some among the newly engaged who think a prenup is sensible with such high divorce rates as a reality. Where do you fall? How would you feel if your fiancé mentioned a prenup as part of the deal?

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nyxmoxie nyxmoxie 7 years
I'm all for them so that it protects both of you. But its up to each couple to do whatever they want, better safe than sorry imo.
lizlee89 lizlee89 9 years
Prenups are only for people who don't really mean it when they say "till DEATH" - I am so sick of people treating marriage like a game that they can bail out of whenever they get bored - marriage is for life! I understand that sometimes there are extenuating circumstances like infedility and abuse, but most divorces are not because of either of those reasons. If you don't think you can promise to love someone for the rest of your life, then don't get married! As far as prenups go, it says "I love you, but I love my money more"...
Silverlining10 Silverlining10 9 years
I think if one person makes more than the other, I should say probably an extra $10000 a year, a prenup would be a good idea. In Mariah Carey's case, we're talking about millions of dollars, at the very least, and she married someone she only dated for six weeks. A prenup was definitely a good idea. However, a couple of hundred bucks difference in monthly paychecks is nothing to get petty about.
cat1121 cat1121 9 years
I used to think they were unromantic and showed a lack of trust but I recently started dating someone who owns a 4th generation family business and it was almost run into the ground with his parents divorce. Whether he wants to or not with me specifically, his role in the company required him to sign a contract years before he met me that binds him to have one. That being said, having grown up in a blue collar working class household, I am expected to come into some money in the next few years as well and I now understand the point. It has nothing to do with not loving him. Really, its about self preservation. If you both come into it with equal debt and assets, then I wouldn't bother.
ilanac13 ilanac13 9 years
i think that there really are times when it makes sense - and that there should be one. to this day we still get into debates with my brother becuase he didn't have his wife sign one- and if they ever get divorced, she'll get the better deal. i think that for myself, my mom will want me to make my husband sign one...but who knows - we'll have to see when that happens. in the day of quick celeb marriages/divorces - it's something that NEEDS to be done - since everyone seems to be out to get something from their signifcant other.
Mandy210 Mandy210 9 years
I think a prenup is a necessary part of the process. I used to think it was wrong since its not "romantic" or it is planning the end of the marriage before it starts... However, as I grew older and more successful I realized that as women, we need to plan for the future! I'm definitely all about protecting my future "just in case". I mean, both sides need to consider signing one in my opinion. Lets say one is richer when the marriage begins, however, she loses her job a few years down the line. Now, both of them need to work hard to avoid more debt. Well, the one who was "less rich" becomes richer than the other in their job, or maybe they inherit money or belongings from family. Either way you need to plan also for what happens between the beginning and the possible end. Although you may feel hurt if your SO wants you to sign a prenup, but did you maybe think about YOU becoming the more successful spouse? Now, if you both don't have any money to begin with its still necessary in my opinion because I sure don't plan on settling for the money I make now for the rest of my life! I want to be even richer one day!!! My SO of only 7 months placed me as the beneficiary on his Roth IRA just 2 days ago. Now, while I don't "plan" on the relationship ending, I had to ask... are you sure??? I did not put him as mine when I opened any of my savings, but that is because my parents are alive and very close with me. Thats not to say I won't change it later on to include my husband first, BUT he and his parents do not get along well, so he wanted someone who actually cared about him. Still, I'm not really close to marrying him so I cautioned him a little! Even I don't want to take away his savings in the case things turn bitter!
cvandoorn cvandoorn 9 years
I don't mind pre-nups. I would sign one. But its more likely that i'd have to make the guy sign one.
cubadog cubadog 9 years
To me a pre-nup is the responsible thing to do for your family. I think it is especially important when children are involved. You can always change it down the road. I have no problem saying that I want to keep the material things I came into a marriage with. Marriage isn't always romantic and I don't know anyone that thinks they are going to do it more than once. A lot of people get caught up with the romance of the day instead of what will or can happen in real life.
clareberrys clareberrys 9 years
im completely with you amynick!
krampalicious krampalicious 9 years
i think it's a good idea for someone worth billions like mariah, but for everyday people, it's depressing. the only fight me and SO ever got into was over pre-nups: he wants one, i don't. he claims that i should want to protect my assets, i say it's terrible to think about the marriage ending before it even begins--i'm in it for life.
darlene darlene 9 years
I agree with kazagirl
sillystring32 sillystring32 9 years
A bunch of people here have said they are going into the marragie with debt (or have taken on their husbands debt). A prenup can state that the debt was prior to the marraige, so that in case one partner dies, the other doesn't have to take on the responsibility of the debt. Even if both partners are still alive, if there is a large amount of debt, without legal protection creditors can go after your spouse's income for payments on those debts (depending on how large they are). I think there are a lot of smart legal safety guards that can be part of prenups. I think a lot of focus is put more on the 'negative' aspects (protecting your money...just in case) but there is a broad range of legal issues that a prenup can take care of.
amynick3 amynick3 9 years
I may be going against the grain here, but marriage should be about love and commitment. I think a prenup just opens the door for the possibility of a divorce. "I love you now, but I may not in 20 years, so we'll have to protect ourselves from each other just in case." If you're not ready to trust and spend the rest of your life with someone, wait a bit longer until you know. Granted, I know that bad things happen, and sometimes, you just can't foresee the future, but on the whole, I'm against them. My husband and I were married with no prenup. Not only did we not have much money to begin with, but it closes the door on that option. Yes, hard times will come and we'll have our problems, but you work through them and don't give up.
ktownpolarbear ktownpolarbear 9 years
I think it depends on the situation. Obviously, it was in Mariah Carey's best interest to have one considering they've only been going out for 6 weeks and she's worth so much!
Rocket-Bunny Rocket-Bunny 9 years
I am planning our wedding now and I am 30 years old and my fiance is 28 and not from this country. My mother was very fast to point out even when you are in love you sometimes ware the blinders and over look things that may happen years from now. When children are involved. Would he ever just up and leave and take the children out of the country. We are both established in our careers and the issues over assets I do feel he is insulted but still no one wants to discuss these things when you are planning a family and a future. There are no guarantees so I think stand your ground and each draw up their own with a lawyer. Even with how far he is to take the children. You may be kicking yourself for buckling for the sake of his ego somewhere done the road and like I tell him everyday " I am only going to do this ( marriage ) ONCE !!!
md12398 md12398 9 years
i think it's necessary in some situations. mine isn't one of them, though.
Liss1 Liss1 9 years
We don't have any money so it wasn't an issue. But i understand why people with a lot of money get them and i see no problem with that. Yes, marriage is supposed to be forever but unfortunately it isn't always.
tiff58 tiff58 9 years
It's not about romance- not everything in a relationship IS about romance. It's about being practical. In some situations, a prenup is absolutely neccessary.
RosaDilia RosaDilia 9 years
The possesions that I bring into the marriage as well as the money will have to stay with me if we end up in divorce. There is no way that the ex will walk away with half of my belongings and my money that I worked too hard for. Definitely a prenup for me.
bigestivediscuit bigestivediscuit 9 years
Wow, glad to know I'm not in the minority! Though I think if my current bf and I got married and I insisted on a prenup, he would be really hurt. But you never know what will happen, so I really think it's in the best interest of both people, really.
will205 will205 9 years
i would sign one. my parents have both been divorced twice - having a prenup takes out a lot of the hassle associated with that time in your life. not everything is meant to last a lifetime - including your marriage.
lickety-split lickety-split 9 years
Minday, he only gets half of what was acquired during the marriage and inheritance is not included in that (its sole and separate property). where does your friend live? unless she gave him her grandfathers cufflinks (for example) they are hers when she leaves the marriage.
jill37 jill37 9 years
I really like what Lyv said above.
jill37 jill37 9 years
If a marriage ends, I think it's better to end it gracefully and with respect for the love you had going into it. That means taking as much of the fighting out of it as possible. A prenup can help with that. In short, while it not be very romantic, it can also be seen as a way to protect your positive feelings for each other in the future, no matter what happens.
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