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The Sneaky Way Companies Keep Your Rebate From You

Sending in a mail-in rebate takes a lot of dedication: saving the box, cutting out the UPC code, filling out forms, finding a stamp/envelope/post office. And with more and more companies issuing rebate debit cards over checks, getting the money promised to you is now even tougher. Rebate cards, like some debit gift cards, have many hassles, including monthly fees, trouble splitting charges, or holding funds by authorizing a transaction for more than the cost. Consumers end up losing dollars that they just can't seem to extract out of the little plastic cage, which means your money just goes back to the company. I found this out when I received my first Verizon rebate card after I bought a new phone and took myself on a mini shopping spree. The first purchase went smoothly, but afterward, the rebate card kept getting declined; turns out I needed to know exactly how much was remaining on the card in order to use it. But did you know there's a way to make sure that you get all of the money that's rightfully yours? To find out what it is


As soon as you get your rebate card, convert it into cash. How? Many Visa gift or rebate cards can be brought in to a participating bank and cashed on the spot. In addition, some cards have an option to transfer your funds right into your bank account online. This is what I did with my newest Verizon rebate card, and although it involves a few tedious steps and the funds take about five business days to appear in your account, it's a surefire way to make sure you're not throwing away your money.

Source: Verizon Wireless

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ampersand1 ampersand1 7 years
Vabeachbum, thank you for sharing and the heads up. Wow! Yeah, I have heard about Verizon. Yuck. I just don't get it, at all. These companies provide a service. If we do not purchase the service they do not make money. So, it would stand to reason that these companies would have excellent customer service and treat us with the up most respect. However, that is just not the case. They resort to trickery and cunning business practices. Wow, that is so not right. Thanks again for sharing and I am so happy that you and your husband did not let them get away with the con job they were trying to pull. =) :h i g h f i v e:
vabeachbum vabeachbum 7 years
ampersand, watch out for Verizon too! They claimed my husband never paid his monthly bill despite it having been posted to his bank account... after going through a bunch of red tape and TRIPLE charging him one month because they STILL claimed they weren't getting their money it finally got resolved.... but we are kind of done with them. That was just one of several incidents over the past few months that has made me question their willingness to help their customers.
ampersand1 ampersand1 7 years
Socalbeachgal, good for you! I think you have great patience, 4-5 months. That is great patience. =) These companies are counting on the customer to give up and not have enough patience. The lengths and means that these companies will go to in order to get our money and then keep it is so so wrong. I have just made a conscience decision to only do business with companies that truly value me as a customer. Sprint is not one of those companies. I am glad that you received your rebate cards. Persevere ladies. :)
socalbeachgal socalbeachgal 7 years
The AT&T rebate program is full of red tape and loopholes (in their favor). I finally got all the rebate cards after 4-5 months and many, many phone calls and emails. I used them towards a larger purchase so I don't know how smaller purchases would have worked. @ampersand, I don't know if I would have had the patience to follow through as you did. I usually give up after awhile.
ampersand1 ampersand1 7 years
Thanks Suzie! I am sure that other people have had their rebates go quite smoothly. However, Sprint has a very long track record of deceiving, lying, and defrauding its customers. The customer service for Sprint has consistently been ranked very very low according to JD Powers and Associates and other publications. I just refused to allow this company to take my money and disrespect me at the same time. Please know that we are consumers with powerful purchasing dollars and these companies will respect us or we can take our dollars elsewhere. If you complete the rebate properly and make the submission in plenty of time then the rebate should be honored. Lies, fabrication, and deceit will not be tolerated! Thanks again Suzie. =) P.S. Please remember to keep all original paperwork when submitting a rebate and only submit copies. Also, when you make your inquiry please use emails. With phone calls, unless recorded, it will be your word against the company. Emails give an exact account of who said what which will strengthen your case. Good Luck!
suzieleung suzieleung 7 years
Totally agree - those cell phone rebates are a joke. They never work!
pandacn pandacn 7 years
Once you figure out that you have to keep track of all your purchases so you know the exact amount remaining, it's not bad at all. A lot of the prepaid gift cards come with an envelope that has a log for you to track each purchase.
RosaDilia RosaDilia 7 years
I didn't have a problem with my Verizon rebate card, all transactions went smoothly until all funds on the card were exhausted.
amber512 amber512 7 years
I've never had a problem with getting visa gift cards. I get them from my mother-in-law all the time, birthdays, Christmas, and then I can buy whatever I want!
ampersand1 ampersand1 7 years
I purchased my Sprint phone on Monday, 05 May 2008. I should have received the rebate by Monday, 11 August 2008, at the very latest. I repeatedly submitted the rebate request and each and every time Sprint claimed the requested rebate was never received. After submitting the rebate request numerous times via mail, fax, and email each and every time with Sprint continuing to claim the rebate request was never received I began filing rebate fraud complaints against Sprint in March 2009. I filed complaints with the Attorney General's Office to the Better Business Bureau. I filed Sprint rebate fraud complaints with every TV reporter in all 50 states to blogs in London to Australia to Pakistan to Brazil to Mexico. Sprint lied to me and the Better Business Bureau about this matter. Sprint reported to the BBB that a representative had spoken with me and the matter is resolved. That was a lie! I was subjected to playing this game of repeatedly confirming my mailing address with an executive services analyst. I confirmed my mailing address 10 times. This is the same mailing address that the account statements are consistently received but not the rebate check. Sprint had no intentions of sending the rebate check and that is fraud! I have filed a Sprint rebate fraud complaint to over 200 agencies/sites/blogs and would not stop until I received my rebate check and three months free service for this blatant fraudulent behavior. A year and a half later I finally received my rebate check from Sprint! I was given a poor excuse, which is quite indicative of this company, as to why I would not receive three months free service for enduring this attempted fraud and for being a Sprint customer for so many years. On May 12, 2008 it was reported by Fortune that Sprint lost 1.09 million customers and that this trend would continue. This statistic increased today because my contract expired today and I have promptly canceled my account with Sprint.
onlysourcherry onlysourcherry 7 years
Those visa gift cards, for rebates and actual gifts, are so terrible. It's like giving someone a bottle of soda with a hole in the bottom.
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