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How to Get Ready For the Workweek

Sunday Prep: 10 Essential Tasks to Tackle

Oh, glorious Sundays — the day to relax with a good book or to take on a few tasks that will make your life easier during the workweek. We've rounded up some pretty simple things — from cleaning out your wallet to deleting old email — that you can do now that will make a world of difference come Monday.

  • Plan your work wardrobe: Save time during the week by planning out your wardrobe for work on Sunday — figure out what tops and what bottoms you are going to wear and what needs ironing.
  • Get a head start on Spring cleaning: It's never too early to get ahead on the scrubbing. Start by making a checklist by room of everything you want to clean, what needs extra cleaning, and what should be your priority.
  • Plan your afterwork activities for the week: So that the week doesn't fly by, make an effort to set aside which days you will dedicate to certain activities — when you'll go to happy hour with coworkers, which day you'll take a couple of hours to finish up a book, or how many times you'll hit the gym.
  • Get over the Monday blues: Think about what you can do to actually look forward to Mondays. That includes treating yourself, meeting up with friends, and listening to your favorite podcast in the morning.
  • Pick a place for essentials: It might seem like a no-brainer, but designate a place for your must-have items so you save time in the mornings and — worst-case scenario — avoid a day without your phone or ID.
  • Delete the unnecessary documents: When you're prepping ahead for the workweek, clean out your computer to start afresh. That includes deleting any emails and documents you don't need on your computer and emptying the trash.
  • Get rid of your old magazines: If you have a pile of magazines that's growing bigger and bigger in your home, use this Sunday to finally tackle them for good — first tear out any tips you'd like to keep.
  • Disinfect your phone and laptop: Germs, be gone! Leave your gadgets sparkling clean for you to use on Monday by cleaning them appropriately, whether that be with a liquid or air can.
  • Clean out your wallet: Stop the junk from building up by removing any notes, ticket stubs, and receipts. Also be sure to throw away the ones you don't need, while filing away the ones you'll want for later use.
  • Get your mail ready: Whether you need to fill out insurance forms to file claims or write checks for bills that need paying off, take Sunday to catch up on your mail and prepare the letters you need to send off.
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