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How to Have Less Wrinkled Clothing in Suitcases

4 Tips For Less-Wrinkled Arrivals and 1 Solution

While irons in rooms are standard at major hotels, it's possible that you'll arrive somewhere with no iron to be found or no time (or desire) to press all your now-unpacked clothing. I've got tips to keep things running smoothly or, at least, smoother along the way.

  • Dressed to impress(ed). Set time aside to press wrinkled clothing before traveling, but make sure to let them cool down completely before packing away! Taking time to do this extra step also lets you think about whether or not you really, really need all those items as the ironing marathon goes on and on.
  • Slow your roll. While I employ the rolling technique when I want to maximize suitcase space, it doesn't come without a very crumpled side effect. If you want to keep everything as smooth as possible, fold clothes on a hard, flat surface (like a table) before loading them in.

There are more wrinkles to get out, so figure out how to do so and keep reading.

  • Grab some tissue (paper). When clothing stores wrap purchases right in tissue paper, it's not just for looks; it actually helps the clothes stay less wrinkled. Likewise, you can layer your suitcase with sheets of tissue paper (that can be reused on the way back). If you are super concerned with wrinkles, use this paper to line any folds you make and crease it along with the clothes to minimize the lines when unpacked.
  • Unpack immediately. I'd even venture to say this is where the packing procrastinator comes out on top, as the less time your clothing sits folded inside the suitcase, the less time wrinkles have to develop. When you arrive, make unpacking the first thing you do. Take a look at the clothing and hang the items that are ready-to-wear, and the rest go right in the shower.
  • One hour to steam. Steaming clothes by running a hot bath is smart, but it's not quick. The trick is to put the clothes right on the shower rail and run a very hot bath. In actuality, it's not about the amount of water; you only need to plug and fill the tub a few inches and shut the door. Leave for at least an hour for seamless results.
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