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How to Increase My Happiness

8 Steps to Being Happy Without Spending a Dime

Happiness is something you can't put a price on, and it's something you shouldn't take for granted. Despite what you think, no fancy car, flashy bling, or other material possessions will make you happy. True happiness has to come from within and just like most things in life, it takes effort and hard work to achieve it. Here are eight simple steps to becoming a happier person:

  • Stop being materialistic: If you find joy in things, that happiness will be short lived. Because what you have will never be enough, and things can always be lost or broken. Wanting what you don't have will create unhappiness, so you should always be content with what you do currently have.
  • Not defining yourself with a title: Just like material possessions, titles can always be lost. If you define yourself by an occupation or a role you carry, such as a doctor or being a mother, you may feel lost if the title was taken away from you. You need to find happiness in your own self and just be happy about being you.
  • Getting rid of your clutter: Having too much clutter in your house can take a toll because a disorganized mess can cause inner turmoil and stress. Take steps to reduce the clutter in your home by throwing out, donating, or selling items you don't use or need.
  • Meditating: Meditation is an extremely powerful tool. In fact, scientists have found that people who have trained in meditation have different brain activity than those who haven't trained. They respond better to situations that would cause us to lose emotional control.

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  • Having a structured schedule: Just like your surroundings, you need to make sure that your schedule is organized as well. Have meals at a certain time and try to have a regular sleeping schedule — disorder will disrupt your inner peace.
  • Surrounding yourself with positivity: A big factor of happiness is to be around people who are positive. Toxic people can negatively influence your mood so be sure to watch out for them.
  • Focus on wellness in every aspect of your life: From your eating habits to your sleep routine, you should work on every aspect of your life. You can only achieve true contentment when every part of you is in sync.
  • Write a gratitude list: Noting down a list of things that you are grateful for can renew your appreciation in things that you've been taking for granted. Writing a gratitude list will cause you to put more focus on the positive and not the negative.
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