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How to Iron Your Shirts Like a Pro

Apr 28 2014 - 5:00am

If you have a stack of clothes that need ironing, make sure you're tackling this chore the right way. So get out your ironing board, set up in front of your favorite show, and get ironing the right way.

Start With the Cuffs

Open the cuffs of the shirt and iron around the inside and then the outside. Then press along the arms of the sleeve and around the button. This way, your sleeves are finished while you're working on the rest of the shirt.

Press the Collar

Work your iron along the collar of the shirt. If your iron has a steam feature, it's a good idea to take advantage of it for a crisp collar. Or spritz on a bit of spray starch [1] before pressing. Lay the collar flat and iron.

Shoulder Work

Tuck the shoulder of the shirt over the yolk of the ironing board and press the top and sides of the shirt's shoulder.

Back Help

Flip the shirt so the back of the collar is at the yolk of the ironing board and the largest area of the shirt is covering the ironing board. Press the back of the shirt starting at the back collar and working down. Angle and move the shirt to reach the sides.

Clean Lines

Now flip the shirt so it's tucked with one of the sides flat on the ironing board and press the iron over the front and work around any buttons. Once again, use the steam option or some spray starch to really get rid of any wrinkles and leave the shirt with pressed lines.

Final Touch

Flip the shirt over, just like you did when you ironed the back, and work the iron along the bottom seam of the shirt. Even if you're tucking your dress shirt in, it's nice to have a pressed seam in case it sneaks out. Do a final check, and touch up as needed. Hang up your shirt, and it's ready to wear.

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