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How Men View Money Issues

What "Real Men" Think About Money

Since money issues are the biggest cause of conflicts among couples, it's best to have a general sense of how men feel about certain money issues. came out with some results from its recent Modern Man Survey, which gave some great insight on how men today view certain hot money topics. Here are a couple of them:

  • Most of them are family men, power hungry, or Hugh Hefners. About 37 percent of the men think the ultimate male status symbol for the modern man is a family, while 29 percent say it's a high-profile career. However, 23 percent share Hugh Hefner-like sentiments of believing that a beautiful trophy wife is the ultimate status symbol.
  • A prenup isn't that important. Only 32 percent of men think a prenup is very or somewhat important. The rest don't think it's that big of a deal.
  • Men get "screwed" the worst in a divorce. Interestingly enough, although they don't think a prenup is important, 75 percent of the men believe that when the men get screwed the most is in courts during a divorce. About 20 percent believe women and men receive fair treatment, and only one percent thinks women get the worst of it. If they had a prenup, maybe the men would have a better peace of mind.
  • There is no rule of thumb for who pays for the date. Around 22 percent of the men think that they should be footing the bill for most of the dates until you're in a relationship. I'm assuming that they'll want to work out a more equal way to pay for dates once they're in exclusive relationships. A minority, 13 percent, believes that men should pay for all the dates, and 22 percent believe that women and men should pay equally from the get-go.
  • They love power women. It's nice to know that most men — about 85 percent — aren't intimidated by women who earn a higher income. Only seven percent say they aren't OK with women making more than them.

Read on to find out what men think about money.

  • Women always judge men on how much they make. The majority or 75 percent of men believe women value a man's finances too much. However, 52 percent of men say that it's fair play since men put more stock on the appearance of women.
  • What credit cards? This was a pretty surprising fact — 38 percent of those polled owned no credit cards, and another 38 percent owned just one card.
  • Men want to learn from Warren Buffett, not Suze Orman. Almost half of the men surveyed would ideally love to ask for money advice from Warren Buffett. The next most popular advisor is dad, followed by Donald Trump. Only five percent want money advice from Suze Orman.
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