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How Much Does The Hills Cast Make Per Episode?

Guess How Much The Hills Cast Makes Per Episode

Everyone's favorite guilty pleasure show, The Hills, returned to TV last night for its sixth season. Lauren Conrad may have moved on, but her Laguna Beach classmate Kristin Cavallari proved to be an entertaining addition to the neighborhood. Do you know how much the crew pulls in per episode of the show? Take my quiz and find out how they pay for their gadgets and fancy clothes.

Guess How Much The Hills Cast Makes Per Episode

How much does new cast member Kristin Cavallari make per episode of The Hills?

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EuroFAB EuroFAB 7 years
So Lo Bosworth makes $100,000 for her 3-7 min of airtime per episode!!!! My God, what is the world coming to!
msshellokitty msshellokitty 7 years
I heard these figures aren't true.I believe the 10,000 an episode over 100,000.That is just ridiculous.
Chrstne Chrstne 7 years
Ridiculous amount of money to essentially well, do nothing.
SDTransplant SDTransplant 7 years
Wow, they get paid that much to "live" their lives in front of the cameras? Boggles the mind...
redchick152 redchick152 7 years
WOW...weird that KCav makes less than Lo and Audrina, considering she is the new "main character". i find it funny that spencer doesn't make as much as heidi! i agree w/ i know!!
soulight soulight 7 years
And we aren't even counting all the extra money they make with appearances, and endorsments and all that jazz!
tiabia tiabia 7 years
I will never question how they can afford luxury items again. At least now I know they all get paid pretty big bucks for what they do.
Happsmjc Happsmjc 7 years
Regardless of their talent, I totally think its justified...they make so much money for MTV, thats peanuts compared to what they bring in. But, a year or so back (at the beginning of Lauren's last season I think) I heard Lo (and Brody etc.) only made $10,000 an that obviously went WAYY UP!
weffie weffie 7 years
I wish I made $100,000 a week to eat, shop, and bitch about my friends!
Zivanod Zivanod 7 years
Easy! I agree though, they make way too much! Are there really enough people watching this to justify those salaries? Oh well, for most of them, this will be what they live off of the rest of their life. I don't see any budding Meryl Streep's among that bunch.
snarkypants snarkypants 7 years
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