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How Much Is Joe Biden Worth?

Guess How Much Joe Biden Is Worth?

Vice President Joe Biden has long been a vocal advocate for the middle class. During the debates, Biden told the moderator, "Look at my record. It's been all about the middle class. They're the people who grow this country. We think you grow this country from the middle out, not from the top down."

Curious to know if holding one of the highest offices in politics immediately reaps in millions? Find out by taking a guess to see which income category Biden now falls under.

Guess How Much Joe Biden Is Worth?

How much is Joe Biden worth?

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Mary3463933 Mary3463933 4 years
@Bfd3503916  Thought along those lines during the first presidential debate also...or maybe the opposite...did not have considering know they (UN pusher) want to introduce 'productivity drugs'...believe they have been tested UK? China? and well accepted (surprise!)...getting our food off drugs might be a good start lol
Bruce3427545 Bruce3427545 4 years
@Jeff3437062 Dems all the way, baby !  We got millions more on food stamps, we got Obama phones, (free) healthcare, unemployment cash, its all good.  When anyone suggests that its all putting the economy in the tank, well we just respond that the rich have to pay a little more !  Only a truly charismatic leader could scrape up enough votes to make it close. Actually I think more like Hilary than the psycho, but who knows, who cares? We are not free independent Americans anymore, we are a restless hungry herd that needs to be guided and fed by our betters. Our downfall began with #1 the income tax, #2 direct election of Senators, and #3 the New Deal (FDR).  The state is now viewed as the means for dependent to get fed and housed, not as it should be.  It should be viewed suspiciously as a necessary evil to be tolerated to safeguard freedom, kept as small as possible.  When it gets out of line it always becomes a disaster. And spending 30% of the GDP, borrowing 40cents of every dollar it spends, running up a 16 trillion dollar debt, and promising impossible things to its citizens (free health care for the ever growing poor, social security for the ever growing disabled or old population, lifetime pensions for 30 years of work for its employees, so many idiocies !)  is the definition of a disaster. Jeff, I don't know what to tell you except enjoy life while you can.
Jeff3437062 Jeff3437062 4 years
Dear Richard, Hate to break it to you but get ready for "Biden 2016" I am a conservative and of course I would not want to see this but if we cannot beat Obama this time, we will not stand a chance in 2016 If you feel differently please explain why and cheer us all up. Lets start a game trying to guess who his running mate will be. Probably a young new face radical. Any ideas
Richard3487843 Richard3487843 4 years
Joe Biden is a gutter rat.  He plays this fake........representative of the poor man.  He is an elitist who got his son and others nice deals and contracts.  Joe used to have the amtrac train sit and wait for him in Delaware, when he was running late to get to his senate job.  Biden is a collection of political scams, inuendo, deals and hype, but not much substance to study and fix problems.  He's a a carney barker, but never a main act or real performer.  Yet the dumbass libs selected this pair to continue bleeding the nation.
Bfd3503916 Bfd3503916 4 years
Maybe it's all that meth or cocaine - you see how this public leech appeared at the VP debate?  He was definitely on something - paid for by the US taxpayer (are there many of us left)?
Sunny3501199 Sunny3501199 4 years
Why not ask HOW Joe Biden attained his wealth?  He was poor as a Church Moust when he went to Washtington DC and now he's worth 215 MILLION?  And he can't fork over more than 1% to Charity?  I GIVE 10 TIMES MORE THAN OLD CHEAP SKATE JOE on my paltry income!     He's a dispicable human being, as far as I am concerned.  Phony, not very bright and a hypocrite!
Richard3487843 Richard3487843 4 years
@Bruce3427545  we paid for his medical costs.........he's been on a free ride.
Rattlerjake Rattlerjake 4 years
@Richard3487843 So well said!
Bruce3427545 Bruce3427545 4 years
He spent more than that on dental products!
Richard3487843 Richard3487843 4 years
This is b.s........Biden at minimum has a house in Delaware that would be worth at least that.  His salary is at least that.  The insurance he collected when the first wife died would be worth that.  His free rides on Amtrac while he was a senator would be worth that.  His pension is worth way more than that.  Then the graft, bribes and gifts after decades in DC are worth plenty.  Also his sons completed college and at least one is a DC lobbyist.  Biden most likely transfered his assets to family members or trust funds.  He would have to be the dumbest guy in govt if he was only worth $215,000 after years of pay and benefits.  But then again, he does say stupid crap, so maybe he isnt too bright........lucky us.
Rattlerjake Rattlerjake 4 years
Truth is,  $215,000 may be what he has in the bank, but Biden isn't worth sh!t; of course neither is Obuthead!!!!!
Mary3463933 Mary3463933 4 years
Perhaps Biden has a more expensive private life...strikes me as the type
Jeff3437062 Jeff3437062 4 years
Dear Bruce My comment was about inflation, not recession. Property and metals hold their values. Money which is paper is eaten up by inflation. As the property values go up yes the rent rates and the taxes go up. They hold their value. Money in the bank does not. I know this is obvious but that was my point. The government will pay its debts off by printing money. Taxing millionaires and Billionaires is good for about 8 days of Gov. spending Of course 47% of our population do not pay federal income taxes at all, Fairness
Bruce3427545 Bruce3427545 4 years
@Jeff3437062 Property Tax increases may make real estate a burden. When there is racession the rents go down.
Jeff3437062 Jeff3437062 4 years
Dear Bruce, Preserving wealth will be the order of the day. When the genesis figure out taxing the rich falls short about 90% of the deficet they will print money like it is going out of style  QE5  QE6  QE15 Then only minerals or real estate will hold their value. It is way to scary to invest in business with all the newly hired regulators. Or get a government job. Maybe we should all chip in and buy Barbara's house on the courthouse's steps Then we can rent it out to her.
Bruce3427545 Bruce3427545 4 years
@Jeff3437062 As Greece like trauma hits the USA, what will happen? How to safeguard oneself and whatever assets one has?
Jeff3437062 Jeff3437062 4 years
Dear Bruce, I dont know who Abba is. Hell I dont even know who you are Lets hang in there Jeff
Jeff3437062 Jeff3437062 4 years
Dear Bruce, There is nowhere to run. You read this blog. Do any of these whiners and complainers have the ability to even think. Just only "who is going to take care of me". If you want to punish 1st rate and reward 3rd rate Dont be surprised if we end up a 3rd rate country You cannot even get some of these people to admit why they are victims Once Obama Care kicks in only the unions will get exempted while people who take risks will not.
Bruce3427545 Bruce3427545 4 years
@Jeff3437062 Country is screwed. Well the House will put on some brakes. Debt is out of control.  We spend more each minute of borrowed money than most countries earn. Dems don't care, when the s--t hits the fan they will find reasons to give more power to the government (i.e. them) .  Seriously, where can we move to ?
Jeff3437062 Jeff3437062 4 years
Dear Bruce, Can you believe with comments like that he gets reelected Taxes cuts set to expire - Health Care about to be run by Fema under penalty of laws with the newly hired 13,000 IRS agents.- 2 ultra liberal judges on the Supreme court. -Appointed  liberal judges throughout the judicial system - higher taxes - Taxes on buys and sells of investments - new  treadys from the senate.  This is what he is building
Bruce3427545 Bruce3427545 4 years
@Jeff3437062 Say the bank own's Barbara's mortgage.  They didn't build that.
Jeff3437062 Jeff3437062 4 years
Dear Barbara, Ok I will change the subject. No more "why is the bank foreclosing on you". I do not care why the bank is foreclosing on you I will never ask again why is the bank foreclosing on you. That is it, No more why is the bank foreclosing on you. How about a brand new and different question? Why is your mortgage everyone else's fault and you are simply a victim. You knew what your 5.5% fix rate monthly payments were when you signed on. May I ask another question that is a equally as mysterious to all of us Who did you vote for today? Kind Regards Jeff
Jeff3437062 Jeff3437062 4 years
Dear Bruce, Sorry to drag Barbara's Foreclosure into perpituity but I just needed her to say it. It would of been liberating to her. Everyone knows why her lender is foreclosing. I just found it fun listening to her blame everyone from Ann Coulter to 60 minutes. Just think. It could of been a reality check for her if I could of got her to admit why. May I please just ask her 50 more times,please Jeff .
Jeff3437062 Jeff3437062 4 years
Dear Barbara, I am new to this I sometimes get confused who I am addressing My question is simple Why are they foreclosing? It is not me who is impossible It is getting an answer out of you that is impossible. But if it will help you, everyone already knows. Regards Jeff
Barbara3411120 Barbara3411120 4 years
Judith- did you really make those negative remarks yesterday? It didn't sound like what you were saying in all your other remarks You were SO supportive before!! ABBA, JEFF,BRUCE - STAY OUT OF THIS -THIS IS BETWEEN JUDITH AND I !!! Did you notice how Jeff jumped on what you said- he LOVED it!! He is a phony- starting with Dear Barbara and Dear Judith and sometimes ending with Kind Regards
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