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How You Should Split Up Your Wedding Gift Budget

We've gotten many questions on how much to give newlyweds, and not to mention, the preparties leading up to the big day — engagement party, bridal shower, and bachelorette party. With too many parties to account for and a never-ending list of things to spend money on, such as the cost of traveling to the wedding (and if you're in the bridal party, the dress, shoes, and accessories — gah!), you need to make sure that your spending doesn't get out of control.

The best way to figure out your expenses for the gifts is to set a budget for the whole wedding and split it up among the different events. Here's what our savvy pal LearnVest had to say about this:

For gifts, determine your gift budget per couple for the wedding season. Once you have this number, Eisinger recommends breaking down the gift budget by these percentages for the events:

50%: wedding

20%: engagement

25%: shower

5%: bachelorette

Eisinger says the most important thing is to refer again and again to your budget: “Over the course of a year, you’re not thinking about the bigger picture of what you’re spending on a wedding. You’re thinking it’s only $50 this week and $20 this week, but it is actually $100 spread out over a period of time.”

Read on for more great wedding saving tricks from LearnVest.

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Gloria05 Gloria05 5 years
Wedding inexpensive gift you can not go wrong with a gift card to a local store. Then the couple can choose what they want or use the card as part payment for another more expensive item. Either way the couple can enjoy their thinking about this gift. Regardless of what type of gift you want to give the couple, weddings are a face to be invited. Gifts are generally expected of all, do not have to cost much money. Taking into account that the couple will be happy you were there and do not care what they gave. labodadelanovia
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