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How the New CA Gay Marriage Ruling Affects Benefits and Taxes

How the CA Gay Marriage Ruling Affects Benefits and Taxes

Some of the biggest domestic news last week was the announcement that California's Supreme Court overturned the ban on gay marriage. The ruling means that same sex couples will be able to obtain California marriage licenses and will be treated with the same state rights as heterosexual couples. In terms of benefits and taxes, CA has already been more inclusive of same sex couples than other states, and to find out exactly how the new ruling will affect these areas just

Because gay marriages won't be recognized by the federal government, certain rights will still be withheld from same sex couples that choose to tie the knot. In terms of benefits, not much will technically change from the existing CA domestic partnership law, but the language of marriage is important because it will make it easier for employers and health insurers to comply with the existing law. They're used to interpreting marriage as an entity but domestic partnership has caused for some confusion and non-compliance.

Couples already registered as domestic partners in California file their taxes as married filing jointly or married filing separately, so domestic partners who become married won't see much of a change in terms of taxes with the new ruling. They'll still have to file federal returns classifying themselves as single, which makes tax matters complicated.


shanimalcracker shanimalcracker 9 years
I would rather see gays have civil unions with all the benefits of marriage than have the title of marriage without the traditional marital benefits.
phatE phatE 9 years
Yes and no... I 100% support them getting the same rights as others when it comes to everything but the actual marriage, like I don't think they should have legal restrictions, or really any others, but for me personally, I hold the belief that marriage is not just about the legal and logistical things… I hold the belief that it’s sacred, and was intended to be between a man and a woman. It’s more than just an official paper, or ceremony. As a Christian, this is how I view it, BUT with that being said, I think everyone who has the same view as I do should also look at the ridiculous divorce rate, infidelity, and other issues we've seen with marriage and realize that those compromise the sanctity of marriage as well (if not more). It’s incredibly hypocritical to see so many people pointing fingers and flipping out, yet not practicing what they’re flipping out about in their own lives.
allinavhcnerf allinavhcnerf 9 years
ugh, they should just let them be! they're not harming anyone > <
MindayH MindayH 9 years
And it will probably stay that way for awhile in re: to the federal government. McCain and Obama are very much against gay marriage. Hillary also is against it, all 3 don't seem to really want to rock the boat on this issue either.
millarci millarci 9 years
They have to classify themselves as single?!? What's that about...
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