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Reader Tip: Color Code Those Emails!

Last week, I shared a professional tip that I found quite handy, which is to reply to emails as soon as possible. Reader then chimed in with a great piece of advice for responding to emails. She comments:

"I color code my e-mails so I know which ones to address first. For instance, pink is addressed directly to me (since i'm cc'ed on so many e-mails). Red is from senior execs (so I know to answer immediately) and then color coded by client (since my calendar items are color coded by client). It's a bit OCD, but my system works for me!"

For more tips how to shine at work, ask me and other friends in the community at the Ask Savvy group.

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Advah Advah 6 years
Yep those Outlook flags are a lifesaver! I usually 'red flag' emails that require action, and 'green flag' those where I've emailed back and am waiting to hear from people. A big part of my role involves chasing up people and that's the only way I remember if I've already been in touch with them and if they've replied. I also have another work Gmail inbox, and not having those options is a real pain - star and labels just aren't as easy to use.
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