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How to Organize Payment For the Bachelorette Party

The Best Way to Organize Bachelorette Party Funds

If you think splitting a dinner bill with a large group can be difficult, multiply that frustration by a million when trying to collect funds for a bachelorette weekend. Even if everyone involved says they want to give the bride the most memorable weekend possible, it's likely that some of those attending will have different ideas about how much money it takes to make that happen. In order to avoid arguments over money with other bridesmaids or friends of the bride that will be celebrating the bachelorette, it's important that one or two people are designated as spearheading the event. While the maid of honor is a natural selection, there's not always a MOH to call on and perhaps the bachelorette is one time it's acceptable for the other bridesmaids to handle some of the heavier planning. For my tips on how to organize funds for the weekend, just read on.

The best and most organized way to handle the group's funds it to designate one person as the bank for the weekend. This can be the same person who spearheaded the weekend, but it doesn't have to be. Everyone attending should be told a set amount of cash to bring for the weekend, which will be handed to the bank person upon gathering. At the end of the weekend, whatever money is left will be divided equally among everyone. This set amount should ideally be figured out a couple months before the bachelorette party, and whatever that amount includes should be clearly laid out in an email to everyone. For example, if the amount is $500, let them know it includes the hotel room, dinner with one drink, etc. If there are any parts of the weekend that won't be covered by the set amount, that should also be mentioned so nobody has any money surprises.

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