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How to Organize Your Medicine Cabinet

Organize Your Medicine Cabinet and Make It Pretty

Dealing with a messy medicine cabinet is frustrating and adds extra time to your already busy morning. Digging around looking for this or that and putting back all that stuff can make getting ready a pain. It's also a smart idea to take a closer look at your products and medications, clearing out anything you aren't using anymore. Follow these steps for a clean and organized medicine cabinet that will make you smile every time you open it.

  1. Take out everything and start fresh, giving your medicine cabinet a good cleaning, including the shelves. You might be surprised with how much stuff you have stashed in your medicine cabinet that's taking up essential space!

  1. After cleaning shelves, go through products and throw away accordingly. Here's a handy guide to when to toss your makeup so your favorite products are always safe to use. Also take the time to look at medicines and, if they aren't needed anymore, properly dispose of medications.
  2. Give your cabinet a colorful update and head to your local dollar store for patterned contact paper. Measure the back of the medicine cabinet, and cut a rectangle of contact paper to fit it. For smooth application, start by peeling away the backing from the contact paper and position at the top of your medicine cabinet. Slowly peel away the backing while smoothing.

  1. Before putting everything back, look into organizers for holding your stuff. Your local dollar store has tons of cute and clever containers that make this project fun. We found these mini metal buckets in the wedding aisle that are perfect for holding brushes or eyeliners, along with long baskets that make grabbing collections of items easy.

  1. Adjust shelves to fit your stuff while thinking about what you reach for most. Place your everyday items at eye level and ones only used once a week at the top of the cabinet.

  1. Now is the time to really make some cuts and only put back in what you really need and use. Yes, it's sometimes hard to let go of products, but if you haven't used it in a month, it's best to ditch it. Or find a drawer or cabinet to hold items you aren't ready to part with, keeping them from cluttering up your newly cleaned medicine cabinet.
  2. After organizing your medicine cabinet, keep going with these easy bathroom-cleaning tips!
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