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How a Parent's Money Habits Influence Children

How Did Your Parents' Spending Shape Your Money Habits?

Our parents teach us many things, from healthy habits to money matters. Mine, for one, were pretty frugal, and I learned by example the value of replacing only when necessary and forgoing a spending spree.

The money lessons I learned from my parents have helped me be the saver I am today. They've also helped me recognize the importance of investing in things I value, whether it be a good pair of boots or traveling the world, while not going overboard or neglecting other important things like 401(k) or an emergency fund.

Sometimes, however, your mom or dad's money habits may make you want to do the opposite. It took me years (and several high-balance credit cards in college) before I jumped on the saving bandwagon. From splurging instead of penny-pinching to contributing to an emergency fund when you see how hard it was for your parents to manage without one, how have their financial habits shaped the way you manage money today?

Source: Flickr User Ken Wilcox

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