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Have You Ever Felt Limited by Sexism?

I don't remember when I first learned women were once second-class citizens, but I grew up believing it was a thing of the past. In school, girls were better behaved, more organized, and better students, and I never felt limited in any way by being female. I also just happened to be drawn to traditional girly things: dancing, cheerleading, and majoring in English. Some would probably say I was a victim of sexism without even knowing it.

So while I've been fortunate to not experience sexism firsthand, I would never say it's a relic of the past; but, nearly 60 percent of British women say sexism is dead in the UK. On International Women's Day, it's good to remember that while women in the Western world may have it better than, say, women in Sudan, they still aren't free from sexism.

From the treatment of single women over 40 in real life and on screen; to the boys' club that still exists in politics, finance, law, or even comedy writing and the upper echelons of the otherwise female-filled media; to the piddling number of women at the top of Fortune 500 companies; all the way down to a Norwegian company asking female employees to wear red bracelets when they have their periods, sexism exists.

So I don't think the question should be whether sexism is dead, but how alive is it? Has it ever gotten in your way?

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Laplander Laplander 6 years
Yes. Even though equality in the work place is getting better, the jobs that women excel at are ridiculous comparatively. Women can run a kick ass cupcake shop--but it's all logistical busywork. Men are still mastering more intellectually complex business and looked at as more intelligent.
WeTheLiving WeTheLiving 6 years
Oh yeah, I know I'm not going anywhere at my current company which is why I'm looking for jobs. One of my female coworkers was promoted to her male coworker's job as account manager when he left for a different job and the owner of our small company told her he doesn't usually like to put women in these kind of positions. I'm sure if there had been another male in the department, he would have gotten the promotion That was my cue that I will not stay here. He's an older man and definitely old fashioned and has certainly made some sexist comments around the office. And my manager always asks us if we're on our periods when he thinks we're being bitchy even though it's really just that he's super sensitive and can't take a joke and if we're rude it's because he annoys the heck out of us and never shuts up. Another male coworker who's in his 70s always calls us babe and hon', but it doesn't really bother me cuz he's a nice guy and I don't feel like he's demeaning me, it's just a term of endearment that was probably common in offices when he was younger.
snarkypants snarkypants 6 years
:ROTFL: SKG, i'm not sure the world is ready for snarky jr.
amber512 amber512 6 years
Nothing major, but I have gotten "little girl" comments before and even once when I was a customer service rep I got a call that started "My phone is broken. You're a woman, YOU fix it."
snarkypants snarkypants 6 years
my boss constantly asks me when i'm going to get married and have babies. he doesn't listen to anything i say, but if my male coworker says the EXACT SAME THING WORD FOR WORD two seconds after i do, suddenly it's a great idea. i'm treated like a fragile little flower. luckily, i'm not, so i try to hold my own. of course, then i'm being "difficult" :OY: i could go on and on and on. it's so not cool.
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