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How to Renegotiate a Lower Rent

How to Get a Lower Rent When Renewing Your Lease

An anonymous reader weighed in on a posting in our Savvy Confessions group which asked readers for advice on strategies for renegotiating rent. Here's what the anonymous user had to say:

The challenge here is that generally, rents are rising nationwide. If your landlord is an individual, you might have some luck with "we are taking great care of your house and paying on time or early every month," if both of those things are true.

The best way to do it is find some similar, cheaper, comparable options and present them to your landlord. Tell them you're willing to move (and mean it) if they can't match the price. If you aren't willing to switch, then don't expect much movement. If you can't find any cheaper comparable units, then you really don't have much leverage, so you just have to hope that you get lucky and ask while they're in a good mood!

Do you have more tips for renegotiating rent? Share them in the comments below! Remember, you can ask your own career- and finance-related questions anonymously in the Savvy Confessions group for a chance to be featured on SavvySugar and advised by fellow Savvy readers.

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lilkimbo lilkimbo 6 years
I think a lot of this depends on what city you live in (and where in the city you live). In my neighborhood and city, there is actually a shortage of available apartments. So, while I could probably find one or two comps that are available for slightly less than mine, they'll be gone within a few days and my landlords could easily find someone to fill my apartment with little to no problems. I managed to get my landlords not to raise my rent when I renewed my lease, though, as at least it stayed the same. I think the points about just being a good tenant (always paying rent on time, maintaining the property) are important and things to heed all year.
enginerdette enginerdette 6 years
If you know you are going to stay at the place for a longer period of time (over a year) then you can negotiate for lower rent and a longer lease period. Rentees like long-term renters because they to not want to spend time/energy finding a new tenant and the potential that the place can go unrented for months before they find a replacement.
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