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How to Renegotiate Yearly and Monthly Bills 2010-07-23 12:00:58

Savvy Community: Renegotiate Yearly and Monthly Bills

This post was submitted by Colbie to the How Do You Save? group.

While I know this won't work for a lot of bills like utilities, electricity or water, it does work for those bills that you receive monthly or even on a yearly basis. I have a subscription to a radio service for my car and the bill for the year just arrived and I noticed it was about $30 more than last year. The service is a luxury and definitely something I could live without, but I decided to call the company to either renegotiate my bill or cancel the service. After speaking with several customer service people, I was able to decrease the monthly service charge from $13 to $7 for a yearly savings of $72. So the lesson is it never hurts to call and ask. The worse thing that could happen is they will say no.

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