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Savvy Community: How to Renegotiate Everything

Colbie recently shared a tip about renegotiating bills in our How Do You Save? group and it inspired TidalWave to dish on her favorite tips. Here's her guide to getting what you ask for.

This works for everything!

Car Insurance:
When I finally paid off my car, I called Progressive to tell them to take off collision. Then, just for kicks, I asked if there were any other discounts that I was eligible for. Apparently, there is a discount just for being a college graduate! I had no idea! After the 15 minute phone call, my monthly bill went from $120 down to $85! All because I asked!

Credit Card Interest Rate:
Before I had my Discover card paid off, my interest was just off the charts and I knew I could never pay it off with that rate. I called Discover (had been a customer for a long time) and asked if I could my interest rate decreased so I could pay off the bill and start using my credit card again. They cut my rate in half!


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Late Payments:
I missed a credit card payment on vacation and paid it late. On my next bill, I noticed that my interest rate had increased. I called the company to inquire about the increase. Customer Service explained that because my last payment was late, it caused the increase. I explained that it was a one time thing. So, since I had taken the time to call, she dropped the "late" from my account and my interest rate returned to normal.

Medical Bills:
I had started a new job and was waiting my six months for health insurance when I had to go to the emergency room. There was no way I could pay the bill when it was due, so I called the hospital, told them I was uninsured and asked if they had a payment plan. I was told that for un-insured patients, they offer an assistance program that cuts the bill in half and gives you eight months to pay the remaining balance. If that was not enough, I could apply for further assistance. I saved a boat load of money just by calling!

Service Credits:
This is almost silly but if your power or cable service goes out, you can call the company and ask for your account to be credited the period of time that the service was unusable. Why pay for something you couldn't use!

Got a savings tip? Share it in the How Do You Save? group.

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skigurl skigurl 7 years
I did the cable thing but for our home phone - and they cut the bill by about $30.
a1stbornunicorn a1stbornunicorn 7 years
I've done the medical bill thing before, it really helped to be able to make monthly payments and the woman I spoke with was really understanding. Great tips!
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