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How to Save Money on Bridal Showers

6 Tips to Save Money on Bridal Showers

Although you're honored to be part of the bridal party, it can also bring in a lot of expenses. If you're in charge of organizing the bridal shower, you don't have to do what everyone's doing and organize it at a restaurant or even Vegas. Here are some thrifty tips from Dana LaRue of The Broke-Ass Bride blog that you should keep in mind if you're throwing the bridal shower:

  • Bring her favorite food to her: Instead of heading out to a fancy restaurant or paying for bar cocktails, opt to order in (or better yet, potlucking) all her favorite foods at someone's house. Grab a few handles of booze at your local bevvie warehouse and get your buzz on a budget, or create a signature drink for the event to keep it simple, such as a cosmo martini rebranded in honor of your bride.
  • Evite: Save green and be green by skipping paper invitations for the shower. Sites like,, and more offer gorgeous, fully customizable designs, along with great features like RSVP tracking, thank you notes, registry information and more! It's the digital age, people!
  • DIY favors: Make an easy thank you gift such as a homemade sugar scrub or bath soak to give out as your guests leave. They cost pennies to make, and most use ingredients found in your own home! Or make a sweet something the takeaway if you love to bake.

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  • Decor: keep it simple, rustic and meaningful by repurposing glass containers that each bridesmaid can lend to the day as vases and candleholders. Grab handfuls of wildflowers at your local supermarket or farmers market and let the party be beautified by items belonging to her dearest friends. Potted plants work great and double as favors for your guests. Fruits and veggies are also unique and inexpensive shower decor items. Pair artichokes and lemons in a bowl for a sunny centerpiece that can be re-incarnated as your dinner later on!
  • Restaurant shower: For a party at a restaurant, limit the food cost by customizing a prix fixe menu with the venue ahead of time. A simple choice between a meat or veggie entree, salad and bread arrangement can save you hundreds of dollars over letting guests pick their own meals off a full menu.
  • Picnic showers: Planning a picnic shower? Coordinate adorable, twine-tied "box lunches" with a private chef or local caterer (or restaurant, whoever is least expensive) to add panache on a budget. Paper-wrapped sandwiches, kettle-cooked potato chips, chocolate chip cookies, and a bottle of water inside is all you need, and your guests will coo over the sweet presentation.
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