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How to Save Money on Weekend Activities 2011-02-26 03:05:42

Money Tip: Try These 5 Savvy Weekend Saving Tips

After a long workweek and a full week of staying on top of your budget, it can be tempting to loosen your purse strings — but don't. There are ways to capitalize on all the Spring fun happening, without emptying your wallet and digging into your savings. Instead, keep the budget balanced and stay in control when you practice smart-saving strategies on your days out of the office.

  1. Cool Off Before You Commit to Spend — If you're anything like me, the thought of warm weather is enough to get you out shopping for day dresses and shorts. So, while it's tempting to spend a fortune making over your wardrobe, remember to cool off and mull it over at home before you leap to purchase. It could just be the excitement of the garment in the store that gets you, so give yourself time to think about whether it's what you really want to spend on.
  2. Plan Activities That Don't Require Spending — Organize something fun with friends that doesn't involve digging into your wallet. Have a potluck or a clean-out-the-fridge fiesta.
  3. Save on Your Everyday Purchases — Forget spending all of your cash on coffee and magazines. There are ways to enjoy the small pleasures in life, without unloading all your cash to do it. Instead, take advantage of reward programs and discounts to get more out of your regular purchases.

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  1. Get a Deal When You Stock Up at Club Warehouses — Save lots when you buy in bulk — think paper towels and bottled beverages — at club warehouses. There are deals aplenty, so when you head off to do your weekly shopping, save more and hit up Costco first.
  2. Learn to Do Something New — Hate the feeling of paying out of pocket to replace a button or stitch up a tear in your favorite blouse? Take some time to teach yourself the how-tos of DIY projects that will save you more on expenses, like the seamstress.

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