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How to Save Time in the Morning

6 Ways to Save Time in the Morning

If one of your resolutions this year is to sleep more, then try making your mornings more efficient so you'll be able to get in enough snooze time. Do more in less time with these tips:

  • Give up the snooze button. If you find yourself hitting the snooze button repeatedly, you're really wasting a lot of time. The sleep you'll be getting in between the snooze alerts won't be quality sleep, so why stay in bed for it? Nip your snooze alarm problem in the bud by setting your clock on the far side of the room, so you'll have to get out of bed to turn the alarm off. You can also train yourself to practice the motions of waking up. During the day, turn your lights off and practice jumping out of bed as soon as your alarm goes off. Do this repeatedly twice a day for about 10 times until it feels automatic. Here are more ideas on how to jump out of bed when your alarm goes off.
  • Start work after you leave your home. Save browsing your work inbox for when you're out of your home. Checking your emails can end up delaying you because you probably can't help but respond to them, which can distract you from your morning routine.
  • Prepare the night before. Try doing the bulk of your prep the night before, such as making sure your outfit is ironed and preparing your work lunch. This will help you save time in the mornings, and you won't be scrambling around to finish these tasks.
  • Create a store of on-the-go breakfast items. Eating breakfast is essential to start the day on the right foot. To save time, consume breakfast items that don't require much prep time such as bananas, oatmeal, leftovers, or granola bars.
  • Have set locations for items. Have a set place for important items like your keys, phone, work bag, and coat. This is very important because you don't want to waste time in the morning hunting down items.
  • Check the weather and commute. There's nothing worse than leaving your home only to discover that you need to go back in to get your umbrella. Check the weather first thing in the morning so you're appropriately dressed and carrying the items you need for the day. Remember to also check your commute in case there's been some sort of delay and you have to find an alternative route.
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