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How to Sell Used Items

Ultimate Guide to Getting Rid of Stuff You Don't Need

Starting the New Year means clearing out the old. It's a good idea to get items you don't use out of the way because they will fill up valuable space in your home. Get ready to sell your stuff with these tips:

  • Electronics. If you're thinking about selling your electronics, consider,, and These sites are great because they'll quote you a price for the item you wish to sell. You can always consider selling it back to the original retailer itself if you're wary about third-party sellers. For instance, Apple has a great recycling program.
  • Receipts and documents. Nip your pack rat tendencies in the bud and start sorting out documents to trash or stash. Throw away receipts for items that you aren't planning on returning, and ones that you won't need to use come tax time. If you're wary of throwing away receipts, you can make a digital copy of them with a basic scanner, a pricey specialized receipt scanner ($150, originally $230), or a smartphone app ($1). See here for a full list of documents you should keep forever or temporarily.
  • Books and things. If you have some books or other miscellaneous items you want to get rid of, sell them on Amazon, Craigslist, or eBay. You can even trade them for something else on
  • Clothes and accessories. Sell these goods at a consignment store, but make sure they are in good condition. Repair clothes before selling and make sure you wash them carefully, or even launder them. Find a thrift store at Other options include selling them to family and friends, online at sites like eBay, and at flea markets.

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  • Old furniture. If you have old furniture you need to rid of, check out Craigslist. I've sold plenty of furniture on the site; my transactions went really smoothly and sellers don't have to pay any fees. You can arrange for buyers to pick the furniture up, but make sure you leave it outside so you're not letting random strangers into your home.
  • Jewelry. Find an independent appraiser who doesn't have any vested interest in your jewelry. You can find appraisers from the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers. Keep in mind that you'll be charged a fee. Once you have your quoted price, shop around at auction houses, estate buyers, pawnshops, and jewelers to see if you can find a better deal.

For items you can't sell, donate them to Goodwill or Salvation Army so you'll be able to get a tax write-off and do good at the same time!

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