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How to Set Up a Dorm-Room Kitchen

Easy Eats: How to Set Up a Dorm-Room Kitchen

As if heading off to college wasn't chaotic enough, trying to adjust to mass-produced dining-hall diets and stave off the freshman 15 makes the simple act of eating a stressful event. And for most of us, ordering takeout every night isn't easy on the wallet . . . or the waistline. But with a little planning and coordination with your roommates, setting up a small, dorm-room kitchen can be simple, space-saving, and worthwhile. Trust me: you'll thank us the next time you're faced with deciding between mystery meat and casserole curiosities.

Note: Check with your dorm's policy before you move in to ensure that these items are approved for use in rooms or in common areas. Your dorm may rent out some kitchen equipment for less than the retail price, so be sure to ask if they offer school year deals!

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