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How Do You Cope at Work When Your Personal Life Goes Wrong?

We've all been through tough times, and it can be hard to disengage from your personal life and get back into the daily grind mindset. I just read these helpful tips from U.S. News & World Report that detail ways to deal with personal struggles, which include confiding in your boss if you trust her, seeing if you can work from home, and not discussing your problems at work.

Whatever you're dealing with, be it a passing of a loved one, a breakup, or some devastating news, I'm curious to know how you've coped with it. Personally, I've coped with personal life stresses by starting projects on the side that aren't related to work. I find that if I'm putting my energy into something, it definitely helps ease the stress. What about you — how have you dealt with work when your personal life went wrong?

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enginerdette enginerdette 6 years
I think you have a really good coping mechanism because you turn some negative instances in your life and spin it towards being productive. I, on the other hand, handled my work & life in such an embarrassing fashion that I wouldn't post it here. :)
le-romantique le-romantique 6 years
I'm dealing with this right now. I stayed at work as long as I could handle it, but my co workers noticed I was upset and I told them what was happening (grandpa in the hospital), so They let me leave. Luckily, we're a small, tight-knit crew here so they gave me the respect and space I need. I'm at work now, since I'm in the entertainment industry it keeps my mind off of things in the real world...
myhousemd myhousemd 6 years
When I got engaged to my boyfriend over the winter, my parents gave me so much crap for it. So did my friends. It was so stressful. Since my parents drive me to work, I would get grilled and yelled at right before work. I would feel like crap and so stressed that I would be crying. I ended up losing that job, because I couldn't ever go into work after those car rides. I ended up breaking off the engagement, and the relationship as a whole, because I just couldn't deal with the stress. Now I have a new job, and a new policy to not talk to my parents when they give me rides to work. That seems to be working so far! lol.
amytnguyen amytnguyen 6 years
Take it one day at a time. Set aside one day a week to eat, drink, be merry, and not do anything work related.
Jemma84 Jemma84 6 years
Put your cellphone in your bag on silent, drink an extra cup of coffee, and jump headfirst into a project that requires little critical thinking but is very absorbing... Anything to make the time go by faster until I can get home and really relax and take care of myself.
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