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What Would You Do? Broke Bridesmaid

Imagine that you're a bridesmaid in the wedding of one of your closest friends, and you've been selected to spearhead the bachelorette party. Organized is your middle name, and you've been planning the weekend practically since your friend was engaged, all the while including the other girls on emails and asking for feedback every step of the way.

It's a month from the big bachelorette weekend, and you get a call from one of the bridesmaids who you don't know very well. She asks if she can pay you in installments of $50 per week, after the weekend has come and gone, instead of handing over her portion of the expenses at the start of the weekend. If you were the in-charge bridesmaid, how would you handle this situation? This is a true story — it happened to my friend who is planning a bachelorette— so to see how my she handled it just


She told the bridesmaid that her proposal was absolutely not an option. Instead, she suggested the girl put a portion of the weekend on her credit card and pay the rest in cash upon arrival just like everyone else. I think that the situation was handled well, though I know my friend was totally shocked by the request from someone she doesn't know well to essentially lend her money for the weekend. The bride has been engaged for a year, so there wasn't much of an excuse why she couldn't save $30 per month for the bachelorette party, other than the fact that she's notoriously bad with money.

Would you have handled things differently, or do you think this was the best solution?

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