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I Have Trouble Expressing My Feelings

20 Signs Your Emotional Type Is "the Rock"

Some people wear their heart on their sleeve, whereas others struggle with the ability to express their feelings. If you're the latter, your emotional type can be identified as "the rock." Among the four different types (the intellectual, the empath, the rock, and the gusher), someone who most relates to the rock is usually the strong one of the group, as the name implies. They're emotionally supportive of others but aren't comfortable with opening up themselves.

There are some qualities that make being this type problematic at times. For example, if you're unable to share how you really feel, you bottle up many of those emotions, including the negative ones like frustration and anger. In addition, because rocks tend to be passive, their relationships with others don't often go beyond the surface and they aren't as in tune with their emotions.

Despite these downfalls, there are benefits to being a rock. You're considered a great friend because you're loyal and nonjudgmental. People feel comfortable coming to you about their issues and you tend to get along with almost everyone. You rarely have conflicts with others because you're far from being confrontational. Check out the signs below to see if you're a rock, and then take this quiz to confirm.

  1. You get defensive when people try to ask you about your feelings.
  2. You're a good listener.
  3. You're the calm one in an emergency situation.
  4. You're respectful.
  5. You're the go-to person for venting.
  6. You'd rather avoid conflict than address it.
  7. You don't have many enemies.
  8. Not many people have seen you cry.
  9. People consider you very dependable.
  10. Your friends have tried to get emotions out of you.
  11. You often keep your guard up.
  12. It takes a long time for you to open up to people.
  13. It scares you to get very close to someone.
  14. Your emotions rarely spike and you're almost always stable.
  15. Expressing your emotions has been an issue in relationships.
  16. Some people make the mistake of thinking you don't care.
  17. Not many things make you visibly upset.
  18. You're not a judgmental person.
  19. You are sometimes perceived as cold (even if you're not).
  20. When others get upset, you're there to support them.
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