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I'm Asking: Is This Good Advice to Get Ahead?

If you want to learn to act like the boss, you may want to pick up a copy of Stanley Bing's (aka. Gil Schwartz) new book, How to Relax Without Getting the Axe. Just be fair warned, Bing's tips for getting ahead are much more playing the part than they are actual guidelines for working your way up the corporate ladder.

It's a pretty simple, if not all-out lackadaisical strategy, that seeks to simulate some corporate executives' office behaviors. For one, the book suggests that creating the illusion of being unreachable helps to build status — you're too important to be on-call all the time. While I'm definitely an advocate of creating a healthy work-life balance, I'm not sure positioning myself as unavailable would help my cause at work — you'd probably just come off as undependable, and unlikely to be given greater responsibilities if your boss thinks you're out of touch with your team or your company.

Remember, company execs have more flexibility because they run the show, and acting like you do, may not be the best way to get attention — or at least the kind you're hoping for. For the most part, I'm not buying Bing's advice, but tell me, how do you feel about mimicking executive behavior? Is this an innovative career move or a strategy you're unlikely to adopt?

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stoopeed stoopeed 7 years
I think this is simply badly worded advice. It is good strategy to not be available 24x7 for non-emergency stuff. I know my ex-boss would be available all the time and that meant that his immediate underlings never got into the habit of organizing their work and thoughts and clearing off a few things in one meeting. This gave the feeling of being haphazard and out of control. On the other hand, his department head would tell people that she had something else to look into, so continue doing the other things, and she'll be there in an hour. When she was there, they managed to get several things done in one meeting.
Spectra Spectra 7 years
It's very important for my job that I be accessible in case of an emergency. In healthcare, being "unreachable" would probably make your supervisor hate your guts after a while. Maybe this strategy would work in other industries, but not ours.
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