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I'm Asking: How Do You Measure a Good Work Day?

I'm Asking: How Do You Measure a Good Work Day?

It's a simple fact of the game of life: some days are home runs and some are all strikes. I call it a good day when I arrive early or on time, enjoy oatmeal at my desk, chip away at my to-do list, complete all necessary tasks and keep up with my email. I give myself bonus points if I learn something, take on something new and manage to close up shop at a decent hour and escape to my non-work life.

How do you measure a quality day in the cube or on the field?

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mrsld mrsld 7 years
I'm with Snarky. with 2 small additions. 1) I don't want to kill someone who reports to me by noon or 2) I don't want to do something unsavory to my boss's break lines.
Frenched Frenched 7 years
It usually depends on how I end up feeling by the end of the day. Usually the very first hours of the day are when I think more clearly and when I have the most energy, so I try to make the most out of those. If I don't feel prodcutive during the start of the day, my whole day feels half-assed.
wmoonw wmoonw 7 years
I judge a good work day purely by how I feel at the end of it. If I've been very productive, I usually feel very upbeat at the end of the day. If I leave for the day feeling drained or upset, it's not a good day, and it's usually because I haven't kept myself busy or haven't been able to keep up.
lyricalsoul lyricalsoul 7 years
When I leave, I do an assessment: Did you do the best you could do today? Did you goof off and have to play catch up at the end of the day? If I answer no to the first and yes to the second, I didn't have a good day.
snarkypants snarkypants 7 years
sadly for me, a good work day is one that doesn't involve me wanting to quit my job before noon.
Spectra Spectra 7 years
If I get a good workout in before I get in the door, keep my stuff organized, tackle all my QC stuff before I go to lunch, and keep up with my workload so that I'm not rushed when I go home, I've had an extremely productive day.
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