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Guide to the 12 Zodiac Signs: Traits, Dates, and More

The Key Characteristics of Every Zodiac Sign, Explained

Guide to the 12 Zodiac Signs: Traits, Dates, and More

Have you ever wondered what someone's really implying when they say "omg, you're such an Aries"? Curious why people's dating app profiles are filled with anti-Scorpio jokes? Want to dig a little deeper into what it really means to be a Gemini? It all starts with learning about your sun sign.

According to western astrology, your sun sign represents the core values of who you are. It's what we're referring to when we say "zodiac sign" and what someone means when they ask what your sign is. Some people don't relate to their zodiac sign's traits quite as much as others, and this can be because there's just so much more to astrology than your sun sign. For example, in addition to a sun sign, you also have a moon sign, the parts of you which live beneath the surface and turn inward, and a rising sign, the parts that you share outwardly.

As we go through some interesting facts about each zodiac sign, remember that it's just one of the many facets of your full birth chart. Here, you'll learn all the important zodiac facts, including your zodiac-sign element, the symbol and planet associated with your sign, and the astrological house your sign rules. Whether you want to dive in or just skim the basics, this overview of zodiac-sign traits can help you do some self-reflection and maybe even learn a bit more about yourself.

—Additional reporting by Lauren Mazzo and Taylor Andrews

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