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International Women's Day 2008-03-08 11:07:19

Why Women Around the World Are Celebrating

In 1908, 15,000 women made an inspiring impression when they marched through New York City demanding things important to most women: shorter hours, better pay and voting rights. Here we are, 100 years later, and International Women's Day is acknowledging this event with their global theme of Shaping Progress.

Progress is the key word, because while women have made great strides there is still room for improvement. Sharon Fraser, a Managing Partner at Deloitte (a supporting company of IWD) mentions educational strides, greater representation of women as heads of corporations, and increasing acceptance in the political realm as areas where women have gained strength. However, she follows those positive notes by mentioning that many countries still consider women second class citizens.

Her International Women's Day Message to the world is, "We need to have more confidence in ourselves, our abilities, and our potential. You need to decide what you want to do, and then you need to go for it."

How does your workplace measure up in terms of the way it treats women? Do you feel like women have ample representation and equal opportunity for promotion?

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tee0206 tee0206 9 years
The top two people in my department at work are both women, so I think my place of employment definitely promotes women. I saw something about International Women's Day in front of a store on my street. I was wondering what it was. I gave up shopping for Lent, so I didn't go into the store to look around and ask.
gzim gzim 9 years
:$ i am from kosovo like speak girl :$ hehehehe
princessjaslew princessjaslew 9 years
well....i work for the government in the academic area, and the hours are great...flexible, etc. but to be tenure tracked...well, i can't really say for sure if its because there are a lack of mentors we can look up to because there are so few women in science who continue on this track or if the field itself makes it so difficult to stay in science. anyway, i'm still in school...still climbing my way up that academic ladder so i'll know in a few years! *cross fingers*
rosey_y rosey_y 9 years
I think my workplace is very good in terms of intiative and attitude. (I work for a Big 4 accounting firm.) There are mentoring programs in place for women, and I seem to have roughly as many female colleagues as I do male. However, it's commonly accepted that a tiny percentage of women will make it to Partner. Some say it's simply because of children, others say that women just plain don't like the hours and stress that such a high powered position entails. Now, I'm ambitious and good at what I do, but I really don't know if I could ever pull the hours that the Partners at my firm do. So I guess I fit that stereotype, as unfair as it initially sounds. To me, family and friends and my sanity would come first. Perhaps this points toward the opposite end of the spectrum - men feeling the pressure to "suck it up" and take on such high powered, stressful positions. Because they can't admit to wanting to be a stay-at-home dad while their wife works, right? I think people often forget that men battle stereotypes too. But hey, it's International WOMAN's Day, so don't mind my side-tracked rambling!
i-am-awesomeness i-am-awesomeness 9 years
Oh yes, I heard about this from QVC lol. Still a totally cool day =)
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