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Jet Blue's Famous Former Flight Attendant Goes to Broadway

Do you remember the Jet Blue incident in which flight attendant Steven Slater threw a fit and stormed out of the plane after dealing with one too many rude passengers? His over-the-top exit, complete with profanities and a neat escape down the emergency chute, certainly left people talking. And apparently, it's dramatic enough for theater — the notorious scene will be reenacted in a Broadway play called Wild Blue. Steven's role is to be played by actor Chad Miller. Here is a blurb from Wild Blue's website:

This production imagines the hysterical and haunting circumstances that caused former Jet Blue flight attendant Steven Slater to curse at passengers over the intercom, escape down the emergency slide, and become an instant Facebook sensation. After his breakdown, Steven flees to a cabin near the Canadian border, inhabited by famed 1970's airline hijacker/outlaw D.B. Cooper, now a micro-farming recluse.

I guess Steven's outburst really made an impact on people!

Source: Flickr User Moto@Club4AG


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