Rachel of Finding Joy shares the very important lessons we can all learn from children.

It's a list sort of day again. Kids often teach the greatest lessons — they're not yet jaded by the world and tend to live with inspiring optimism and courage. I've observed my own son, Samuel, embody strength as he lives never being able to eat a bite of gluten due to having celiac disease. He doesn't dwell on what he cannot have, but rather lives a life grateful for all he can. And, he's 3.

43 life lessons from kids

  1. Be grateful for what you can have.
  2. Hold hands with those you love.
  3. Celebrate the seasons.
  4. Make every day the best day ever.
  5. Even if it's not fair you don't stop trying.
  6. Fight for what you believe is right.
  7. If you're bored, find something to do.
  8. It's good to dream.
  9. Tell those you love that you love them.
  10. Time together matters most.
  11. Things don't have to always be sorted perfectly.
  12. Sometimes spontaneous days are the best.
  13. Often structured days are needed.
  14. Don't be afraid to speak the truth.
  15. Humming and singing can be beautiful.
  16. Observe others.
  17. Never by afraid to try something new.
  18. Sometimes it's best to just jump.
  19. Live fully.
  20. Share with others about things you love.
  21. You're never too old to play outside.
  22. Forgive and move on.
  23. Name calling gets you nowhere.
  24. Even if you don't feel tired, still go to bed.
  25. Talk with each other.
  26. Imagine all that could be, and not what cannot.
  27. Look people in the eye when you talk to them.
  28. Laugh.
  29. Always say thank you.
  30. Little gifts mean a great deal.
  31. Wake with a clean slate for the day.
  32. Respect your elders.
  33. Give things away – don't hold on to everything.
  34. Find out more about people.
  35. Make sure to tell others why they matter.
  36. Some days you don't have to make your bed.
  37. Run in the rain. Or the snow.
  38. Care.
  39. Listen to your emotions, but don't sit in them.
  40. Be genuinely interested in others.
  41. Don't give up.
  42. Love today.
  43. Be free to be you.

— Rachel Martin

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