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Luxe Links Purse Holder

Brilliant or Baffling: Luxe Links

Savvy says: Brilliant

There are so many bars that weren't designed with us girls in mind. When there's no hook under a bar to hang my purse, I end up sitting with it awkwardly in my lap. I'm very expressive with my hands during conversation, and am unable to completely be myself and show that I'm engaged if I have one arm on my purse and the other holding a drink or fork. Luxe Links ($35) are the perfect solution for people like me who don't want to put their favorite purse on a dirty floor or hold it in their lap, but who want to keep their purse in safe proximity. You spent hard earned money on your purse, and paying $35 to protect it is a pretty reasonable investment.

This savvy, practical accessory is described as "no larger than the size of Beyonce’s hoop earring, the Original Luxe Link is portable, lighter than your cell phone, and easy-peasy to use." I saw the links in person and they really are so small and light and adorned with chic designs — at first glance I thought they were bracelets!

What do you think — could you use a luxe link in your life?

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JerrySmith JerrySmith 8 years
I have a store and purchased 1000pcs of this from a factory in China with cost at $7 which included shipping to my door,I remember their email is they have more than 150 of designs.
ilanac13 ilanac13 9 years
now that's an invention that's really smart. i think that a lot of girls would agree that holding onto your purse while you're standing at the bar or trying to have a conversation at a table is hard. you don't want to put it in the floor cause that's just nasty - so this is something that's really got value!
cvandoorn cvandoorn 9 years
I was offered one of these at Mario Batali's Carnevino in Vegas, but didn't really like it. I prefer to keep my purse on a chair.
nancita nancita 9 years
I like the idea in theory, but I'd be worried that someone would snatch my purse.
bransugar79 bransugar79 9 years
I saw these on but I think they were even more pricey. I don't know I guess it's a good idea and they're cute
rpenner rpenner 9 years
I think I would use something like that. Right now I just don't bring my purse to the bar, my man holds my ID, money and even lip gloss for me :)
BeautifyMyLife BeautifyMyLife 9 years
I have something similar and I love it. Like someone else said, women tend to look at it strangely for a minute, then ask where they can get one!
mlen mlen 9 years
in theory this is a fantastic idea- in reality i prob wouldn't use it. i tend to baby my new purses for the first month or two and then i don't care anymore. though i do wish more bars ahd hooks under the bar- i don't understand why they don't!
SugarCat SugarCat 9 years
I have looked all over for these. I want one!
Kelly-O Kelly-O 9 years
I'd also be curious how it does with heavier bags. Instead of schlepping around multiple bags during the day, I try to keep it to one bag with all my stuff in it (I know, not so great for the back, but easier on the arms) and I would worry this would not keep it secure. For now, I'll just keep on putting my non-investment bag on the floor at my feet.
Veekore Veekore 9 years
Solution? Don't bring a purse! Bring ID, credit cards/cash in a small, small wallet, and cell phone. That's usually what I do. And harder to steal :)
sundrops sundrops 9 years
I had one and used it at my house. Mine was cheap and broke, I'd love a fancy one!! I'm not sure if I'd use it out at restaurants, though... I'd be afraid I would forget it was there! I usually just cross my legs and wrap the strap around my knee like Mandy.
MandyJoBo MandyJoBo 9 years
I got a couple of these a year or so ago and I've only used them a handful of times. I guess that in theory, they're a practical problem-solver, but when I go out I usually just end up holding my bag, taking a small one, sitting it on my feet under the table, or sitting with my legs crossed and the strap around my top leg. To be honest, I don't use them because I feel pretentious doing so--like MY bag is so precious it cannot fraternize with other bags in the place. I'm also worried that drawing extra attention will bring unwanted attention from people who want my bag (and its contents) to be theirs--and not in a good way like buying it. Eek!
baybug baybug 9 years
I would definitely use it. I really dislike having to put my purse on the floor. I go as far as balancing it on my knees. Very uncomfortable.
SunshineDee13 SunshineDee13 9 years
My cousin gave me one of these as a gift when she came returned from a trip to Barcelona. Its helpful for sure! Love it!
javsmav javsmav 9 years
my ex's mom had one of these things. I thought it was pretty clever.
princessjaslew princessjaslew 9 years
while i think it is a good idea...for me having my purse on my lap reminds me that I actually have a purse and that i shouldn't leave without it! i have a feeling if i get this link...i might forget my purse and just leave!
sisilia sisilia 9 years
tee0206 tee0206 9 years
Seems a little excessive for me, but definitely a good idea!
ninjastarlett ninjastarlett 9 years
I had a cheaper version of this that I found at Claire's/The Icing and I bought it for only 50 cents. Usually I put it almost directly above my lap... but I stopped using it after a while and I think I lost it or something. It was pretty practical actually except for having to fish it out all the time.
details2 details2 9 years
I think it's good idea. I have been to maybe three restaurants that had hooks and it made me sooooo happy. How silly right? I've seen something like this used once at a mtg I went to. I didn't want to put my bag on the dirty floor and there wasn't much table space. I judged the woman for a like a minute, then spent the rest of the mtg wishing I had one. For me personally, I only like the mirror version - because it's functional too. But I would like a gold or bronze finish to match my handbag's accessories. I know I'm a nerd. And as for someone grabbing your purse - you don't have to hook it on the table - 3 feet away from you.
DreaAST DreaAST 9 years
Its a good idea but I would feel weird using it. But I hate putting my purse on the floor!
CoconutPie CoconutPie 9 years
I could totally use it. I rarely use my Gucci bag because I'm always scared of ruining it. But then, you spill a glass of beer on the table and chances are it will leak on the bag as well...
shanimalcracker shanimalcracker 9 years
I think it's a good idea, but I don't really think that when you are at a bar or a place where you don't have space to put your purse even beside you, there isn't a good table that will work with the luxe links purse holder.
emalove emalove 9 years
This is really odd! I understand the practicality of it, but I would also feel like a weirdo whipping one of these out of my purse and attaching it to the bar. And I agree that it might make it more accessible for a thief to grab.
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