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Luxe Links Purse Holder

Brilliant or Baffling: Luxe Links

Savvy says: Brilliant

There are so many bars that weren't designed with us girls in mind. When there's no hook under a bar to hang my purse, I end up sitting with it awkwardly in my lap. I'm very expressive with my hands during conversation, and am unable to completely be myself and show that I'm engaged if I have one arm on my purse and the other holding a drink or fork. Luxe Links ($35) are the perfect solution for people like me who don't want to put their favorite purse on a dirty floor or hold it in their lap, but who want to keep their purse in safe proximity. You spent hard earned money on your purse, and paying $35 to protect it is a pretty reasonable investment.

This savvy, practical accessory is described as "no larger than the size of Beyonce’s hoop earring, the Original Luxe Link is portable, lighter than your cell phone, and easy-peasy to use." I saw the links in person and they really are so small and light and adorned with chic designs — at first glance I thought they were bracelets!

What do you think — could you use a luxe link in your life?

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