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Make Travel Arrangements When You're Focused

Money Tip: Make Travel Arrangements When You're Focused

I'm not going to mention any names, but someone who lives in my apartment that isn't me did something rather silly the other night. This person decided to make expensive plane reservations late at night when he was exhausted, and ended up with a big mess. Delta's system wasn't working properly and this person's frustration became more and more heightened, as the system wouldn't accept his credit card. Turns out that the system did accept his card and charged several thousand dollars worth of plane tickets. Of course it's an obvious mistake and he was able to have it handled in an hour, but late Monday night after a holiday weekend is the last time you want to go back and forth on the phone with an airline and a bank.

You're not only less likely to make this kind of irritating mistake when you're more awake, but choosing to make arrangements at a time when you're more focused will likely yield better decisions. With a keener eye, you're less likely to miss deals and you're in a better state to search various travel sites for the best prices. On a happy note, tickets were actually 30 percent less the next night when the tickets were actually booked. Maybe there is some truth to the theory that the best travel deals come along on Tuesdays!


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shanimalcracker shanimalcracker 9 years
Haha, sometimes when I get online, I am a little frustrated if a website takes a long time and I'll keep pressing buttons. However, thankfully I haven't done this with transactions.
bigestivediscuit bigestivediscuit 9 years
I have spent many late nights booking train tickets online before and made mistakes. Not fun. Booking any sort of travel can be really stressful - especially online - since you ONLY seem to get the screen "We're sorry, but the flight you requested is no longer available" AFTER you've put in ALL your credit card details, address, itinerary info, etc. GRRR!!!! :rant:
Lovely_1 Lovely_1 9 years
SHITTy! Boys hahaha I agree SkinnyMarie :P
SkinnyMarie SkinnyMarie 9 years
Men are so rash in their decisions sometimes. silly boys
ilanac13 ilanac13 9 years
that can be really frustrating. i always wonder if there is any truth to booking trips at certain times - personally i've never seen a price break from doing it late at night vs. another time, but then again, maybe i'm just not looking at the right time. it would be great if someone had some real insight to this one.
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